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  • Posted to Blow a trump on Donald Trump, Feb 04, 2016

    I love the internet.

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  • Posted to Mapbox - Maps, Nov 20, 2015

    Great tool for beautiful, reliable maps. I've used it on lots of client and personal projects.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How can I improve my UX skills?, Nov 20, 2015

    Observe. As much as possible.

    Watch people interact with other people, objects, tools, etc. It's pretty crazy how much I've learned from sitting silently, observing people.

    Aside from that, I would start with Don Norman's classic, "The Design of Everyday Things."

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What is your iOS music player of choice?, Oct 07, 2015

    I've switched around many times, but continually go back to Google Music All-Access. For along time they have offered the ability to upload an insane amount of your own tracks to their cloud (something like 50k files - including high fidelity files). It's not as pretty as Rdio, or as gimmicky as Apple's new thing, but it's consistent and has a huge library.

    Also, since Google acquired Songza they've incorporated all of the mood-based playlists. Great stuff.

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  • Posted to Google Has a New Logo, Sep 01, 2015

    It seems like restructuring the company allowed them to refocus "Google" as a product since "Alphabet" is now carrying the corporate weight. Hence more focus on UI implementation.

    Feels like a step in the right direction. Excited to see the full system.

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  • Posted to Anyone work remotely? I need some advice., in reply to Mubashar Iqbal , Jun 10, 2015

    +1 on the Google stuff. We have samsung smart tvs all with chromeboxs wired in.

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  • Posted to is mobile-friendly now, Jun 02, 2015

    And somehow this is still a thing:

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  • Posted to Designing 600x600, Jun 02, 2015

    Interesting perspective. I'd be really curious to hear the DN community's perspective on this one.

    Personally, having spent a decent amount of time in both Sketch/Photoshop and Xcode, I'm still a proponent of designing at aspect ratio (while understanding how something is developed). There's really no replacement for testing designs/interactions on the device.

    That said though, this may be an interesting approach to responsive web design.

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  • Posted to Much insightful very advice by Will.I.Am (Watch at 0.5x for more Wow), Jun 02, 2015

    I want to be that cue card guy he's looking at to his right.

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  • Posted to Awesome new Design Website, Jun 01, 2015

    I agree that the light color is tough on the eyes. More importantly though it's still not very clear to me what it is you do. Maybe think about changing the copy in the homepage hero from a quote to a more obvious statement.

    The design tool links in the footer are also a bit confusing. Upon first read I would assume they are different ways to contact you.

    Great start though.

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