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  • Posted to Ergonomic keyboards, in reply to Thomas Mitchell , Jul 03, 2017

    +1 ergodox (/ergodox-ez)

    theres also https://unikeyboard.io

    besides that there are so many choices if you are interested in building your own keyboard... i just got one of these crazy prototypes https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/6j4xmo/orthodox_all_dressed_up_dsa_granite_elven_tongue/

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  • Posted to Ergonomic keyboards, Jul 03, 2017

    check out the Diverge 2 keyboard! its super cool https://unikeyboard.io/product/diverge-tm/

    also theres the Lets Split if you dont mind getting yr hands dirty with DIY electronics

    peep the keyboard subreddit to rly see what exists: https://reddit.com/r/mechanicalkeyboards

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  • Posted to Is this ethical? Rebranding ISIS, Feb 17, 2016

    this seems like "material support for terrorism".. i would be concerned about a knock on your door @cody-iddings

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  • Posted to Ask DN: East/West Coast vs Midwest, Nov 21, 2015

    Midwest Pros

    • Cost of living - the skys the limit, you can buy multistory industrial buildings for short money. What would you do with a 5 story building?
    • Tight knit community


    • Access to capital - the investor class is overly risk averse, and much more interested in very traditional businesses vs. innovation
    • Not enough Korean restuarants
    • Have to own a car

    Every few weeks I think about dropping everything and moving back to Kansas City. There really is something inspiring about the space / freedom / affordability of the Midwest. I was constantly impressed with the quality and creativity of the artists/makers/coders/small bizness peeps I met in KC.

    Ultimate plan: get job in NYC or SF and commute from KC.

    I grew up/currently live in Boston.

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  • Posted to Minimal Wikipedia redesign concept, Jun 26, 2014

    any recommendations how to force chrome to use this over vanilla wikipedia?

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