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  • Posted to AMA: Framer Team on the all-new Framer and Auto-Code, Apr 19, 2016

    Hey guys, thanks for taking the time. Let me start by saying that as a designer who can write code, so far I'm really enjoying learning Framer. It's been a great way to prototype components quickly without having to set up a dummy app or dirty an existing one. I only have a few questions so far...

    1. Why CoffeeScript? (ES6 would be my dream)

    2. Any plans to allow editing SVG elements' base properties (fill etc.)?

    3. Where do you see Framer 3 years from now?

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  • Posted to Let's show Apple how it's done., in reply to James Stiff , Jul 02, 2015

    Because the content and vision aren't the problem, it's the UI. Think big picture about what Apple Music is doing here.. They're moving iTunes to a membership based platform. Spotify has 75M active users... there are 800M accounts on iTunes.. Imagine if they could get a fraction of that to switch to monthly payments. This is a massive, multibillion dollar ($3.2B to be more specific), strategic play by Apple... fixing the UI is rather simple in comparison.

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  • Posted to AMA: I'm Nicholas Felton (aka Feltron), an information designer in NYC., Dec 16, 2014

    Would you ever consider doing a dynamic, ongoing web based report?

    ps. You wrote your longest email on my birthday last year.

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  • Posted to Let's share Instagram accounts, Jul 10, 2014

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  • Posted to Static vs. CMS, what's the best solution for clients?, Jul 10, 2014

    Hey Will,

    Check out We're a CMS built for developers aimed at solving exactly this problem (using a CMS to generate static files). We support local development (with a sync tool) and development on our platform with an easy content editing environment for your clients. We're also totally free up to 5k page views per month.

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  • Posted to How Google designed Android L, Jul 01, 2014

    man, i think if Paul Rand heard that last sentence this dude might've gotten punched in the face.

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