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  • Posted to I'm Halli. AMA., in reply to M. de Winter , Jul 10, 2019

    Design comes from the latin word designare. Which means giving form/shape to something. The form/shape thing can be applied to everything: typography and stuff or dramaturgy in drama to design the thrill of an act. The harmonies in a musical arrangement can be designed to give you a certain emotion or to build up tension. So actually literally everything that is artificially or by nature serving a cause on purpose is design.

    Or simple: Design is serving a cause on purpose.

    Sorry for not being the guy who opened the topic - and / or if you already knew.

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  • Posted to [Comic] Always Ask Why 5 Times, Apr 03, 2019

    Cool comic ;).

    Just a hint: using What instead of Why can lead to a much more precise outcome:

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  • Posted to The Pickering Group, Feb 18, 2019

    looks nice - arrow-down is super-nervous though.

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  • Posted to What desktop screen sizes do you design for?, Jan 24, 2019

    We use sites like to figure out which resolutions are most common for our users. Based on that we go for most common break points. It's also a valuable resource for most used devices of your clients.

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  • Posted to Sketch Mirror, Oct 30, 2018

    As long as I just watch and click through the prototype, everything works fine for me. As soon as there is some change, Sketch Mirror crashes and needs to be restarted. Ultra - annoying.

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  • Posted to Cool design, Oct 04, 2018

    well, that was refreshing!

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  • Posted to Firefox logo concept, Sep 12, 2018

    it‘s really nice - not so sure about the typo though

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  • Posted to Hourly landing page, Sep 11, 2018

    interesting! have you watched or worked on the intro type animations for „Strokes Of Genius“? ;)

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