Giel Cobben

Giel Cobben

Amsterdam Designer at Mollie Joined about 4 years ago via an invitation from Allan G. Giel has invited Nol Cobben, Jasper Willemsen, Sandrino Kelders

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  • Posted to Color predictions for 2017? , Oct 21, 2016


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  • Posted to Material Design for Chrome on OSX, Jun 07, 2016

    Chrome in incognito mode:

    Chrome Dark

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What side projects are you working on?, in reply to Cristian Moisei , May 30, 2016

    Cool, then you'll receive an invite for the beta when it's ready. :)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What side projects are you working on?, in reply to Cristian Moisei , May 30, 2016

    Not sure yet, I'm testing with an alpha version right now and it should go into beta soon. I'm pretty busy with a lot of other stuff so not much time to work on Webstash right now. If you want to be a part of the beta please leave your email at

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What side projects are you working on?, May 30, 2016


    Hey guys, I'm working on Webstash — Webstash surfaces the most beautiful websites, every day. It's a place for webdesign enthusiasts to admire today's best designs.

    You can leave your email right here: so I can notify you when Webstash launches :)

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  • Posted to Frames: Mirror and Gallery for Framer Prototypes, on your iPhone, Sep 17, 2015

    Good work!

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  • Posted to Framer Inventory for Sketch App - Fastest way to create linear prototypes, Sep 07, 2015

    Nice work!

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  • Posted to Show DN: Present Plus, in reply to Tom Hare , Sep 26, 2014

    Thanks Tom, it’s always good to get feedback that is well-argued.

    We definitely have respect for conventions, but Present Plus is a company with an experimental nature, and we love to have a website that reflects this. We used three principles when building it:

    • Relevance: show what people are looking for, nothing else. Millions of websites overwhelm people with information, stuff that they're not looking for. We don't want to compromise on this.
    • ‘Search is the menu’. People ‘shape’ the website based on what they search. It’s done before (Google, Pinterest), although for a company like Present Plus it’s something new. We'd like to do things that aren't done before ;)
    • Visitors become users. They are required to interact with the website, be more active, instead of ‘passively’ clicking menu items.

    We realize this design might be a bit polarizing, it might cost us some visitors (people that don’t get it). But we believe there will be people that ‘get it’, people who will become even bigger fans.

    It's a bold move, and there’s a risk here, but from this 1.0 we’ll look at how people use it, and adjust it if it’s needed.


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  • Posted to Show DN: Present Plus, Sep 26, 2014

    You can also follow me on Twitter where I will keep you posted with updates or you can give me some feedback on Dribbble.

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