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  • Posted to You can turn your website into a native mobile app for Android & iOS with just your website URL, Aug 04, 2019

    What is Web To Application?

    We are Web To Application and as the name says, we turn your website into a native mobile app in less than 24 hours. We are a team of 8 members working hard to deliver the apps as soon as possible and in perfect shape.

    Also, we are one of the most efficient app converter on the internet. We will make sure your app gets approved by the App Store and Play Store providing you step by step tutorials on how to upload your app.

    Web To Application launched on July 2019 and at the moment has turned 2400 websites to an app. Join our list of happy customers today!

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  • Posted to Color Palettes, May 07, 2019

    Color Palettes is an open collection of beautiful color palettes founded on August 2018 by Html Colors founder Franco Maldonado. Color Palettes is a great resource for designers to find the right color combinations and also sharing theirs.

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  • Posted to Html Colors, May 07, 2019

    Get your Html Color codes with our color picker, HEX code, RGB, RGBA, HSL and HSLA values, including HSV, HWB and CMYK. Go pick!

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  • Posted to Convert website into an Android and iOS app, May 07, 2019

    We can convert your website to a native Android & iOS application with just your URL.

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  • Posted to Trendy Palettes, Sep 12, 2018

    Hey Designer News,

    Trendy Palettes is an open collection of beautiful color palettes, updated daily

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  • Posted to Gradient Tabs, Aug 06, 2018

    Hey Designer News,

    Gradient Tabs is a refreshing Chrome extension by Gradient Hunt that serves you a beautiful gradient each time you open a new tab.

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  • Posted to Gradient Hunt - gradients for designers and artists, Jul 13, 2018

    Thanks Mike A for sharing us on designer news

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