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  • Posted to Adobe XD December Update: The One with Text Underline, in reply to Kyle Galle , Dec 13, 2017

    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for your response, I've upvoted the items and added comments.

    Is there anyway you can feedback to me on the export size?

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  • Posted to Adobe XD December Update: The One with Text Underline, in reply to Marek L , Dec 13, 2017

    At the moment XD has no colour management which means if working with a high Gamut display like a MacBook Pro colours are really saturated in XD but then in exported PDF's / jpgs they become desaturated. Colour management would mean consistent colours.

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  • Posted to Adobe XD December Update: The One with Text Underline, Dec 13, 2017

    It's refreshing to see constant updates to XD however for me personally the 2 biggest things I would like to see is major reduction in exported PDF exports (XD produces massive file size PDF's compared to say indesign) & colour management.

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  • Posted to Get inspired with some beautiful examples of VueJS., in reply to Darrell Hanley , May 25, 2017

    Also, I agree with React's principles that we shouldn't be depending on web technologies and should abstract away where possible.

    I actually completely disagree - I believe we should be working as close to the web technologies as possible...

    A big part of the current fatigue argument is too many frameworks etc abstract away from the core of the web.

    Just my 2 cents. :)

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  • Posted to Apple - Don't Blink, Sep 08, 2016

    Reminds me of the Honda Keep Up Campaign.


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  • Posted to Best design related April fools?, Apr 01, 2016


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  • Posted to Paris Unveils its 2024 Olympic Logo Design, in reply to Dragoș Jurca , Feb 14, 2016

    In 2016 it's almost impossible to be original. So much has come before..

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  • Posted to User Interface of the Week, in reply to Joel Califa , Sep 30, 2015

    I couldn't decide whether to link to the tweet or DF so I thought why not go crazy with it ;) #Postception

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  • Posted to 360 Degree YouTube Video, in reply to Maxime Aubaret , Sep 06, 2015

    Yes it's really awesome on Phone / Tablet. I literally watched the whole video in the middle of a room on my iPhone yesterday, moving around in circles like a mad man aha :P

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  • Posted to KLM: Live countdown timer in an animated e-mail, in reply to Joel Smith , Aug 25, 2015

    If I'm honest HTML email coding is the worst. Everything is really dated and most things you'd expect to be supported are not & the differences between email clients can be substantial. It's its own form of coding art and you can perfect the dark magic if you do them enough. I've done quite a few in my time and basically you code it and if it works on your targeted platforms then you ship it. Hence this crazy hack by KLM; I imagine it works pretty well else they wouldn't have shipped it.

    Because HTML email is so restricted it actually forces you to innovate in crazy ways like emulating a dynamic image using php. Sky's the limit; you've just got to matchup the creativity and the technical know how.

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