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  • Posted to How do you go about building the right thing?, in reply to Steven Cavins , Aug 30, 2018

    It is very difficult actually. My remedy for fast learning is very fast speed of connection and a reliable webhosting provider. And Im not kidding( I had a bad experience. For reliable hosting and great customer support Ive chosen : now Im happy as never before;)

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  • Posted to Is there a tool to make templates for non-designers?, in reply to Horacio Mejía , Aug 30, 2018

    We'd love to give you a demo of You can install Ove rstat on your entire site or just certain pages that you would like to test. Dont forget to use a fast webhosting. I would like to recommend .Their services is really good and the hosting rates are very cheap.You will realize when you visit the website.

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  • Posted to I made this site to compare/contrast design tools. What can I add to make it useful?, Aug 05, 2018

    Looks pretty good. You can try to improve the website page speed as a variant. Optimize and minify:

    Don’t make unnecessary requests. Combine your asset files into one single file. Remove unnecessary plugins. Minify all the files of javascript, css and possibly html too. Optimize the images. The quality of images of 10MB can be reduced to 700KB without loosing much quality for the web. Try to retrieve the data separately if not needed immediately like using pagination or lazy loading.Also try this webhosting It's not expensive and its very stable and feature rich.

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  • Posted to Pain points for designers in 2018?, Jul 24, 2018

    I believe an idea is smth you need to figure out by youself. I used to have troubles with the same issue but it turned to be quiet easy actully. What really difficult is to sove some tech problems as far as realization of your idea is concerned. For instance Ive spent three months to find a really reliable webhosting provier. Dont lose a contact Hope you`ll succeed

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  • Posted to Best Email Clients 2018, Jul 14, 2018

    It was Spark. Was? Coz lots of my clients complained that they stopped reading e-mails long ago because of spam. So as my company doesn’t have a horde of fast-fingered teenagers who are sending the same text message to thousands of clients all day long, I felt it`s a high time for bulk SMS provider to make the process more cost-effective and less time-consuming.Now I use BSG is a well-established provider of SMS services that assists businesses of any size in managing their mobile marketing campaigns.

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  • Posted to Insomnia, Jul 11, 2018

    I'm a night owl, but I can play the early bird when I want. Here's what I do.

    You've gotta guilt yourself awake. Convince yourself that you're lazy if you don't get up before a certain time. I'm usually up before 7 during the school year regardless of my class schedule or it being the weekend because I feel like crap otherwise.

    Let's not kid ourselves. I sleep like a log. I could sleep through a train wreck. Set an alarm when you want to get up (on a real alarm clock across the room) and maybe another 3 or 4 alarms (on your phone close to your bed) in the half hour leading up to it.

    I'd rather get 4 or 5 hours of sleep than wake up at noon. That might be why I can do it.Also I advise to buy a new mattress (here is a review Believe me, the right mattress is numer one step that can significantly improve the quality of your sleep—as well as your wellbeing while you’re awake

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