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  • Posted to Dark Folder Icons for MacOS Mojave, Dec 19, 2018

    Wrong link my man

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  • Posted to List articles and the increase in junk posts on DN, Nov 13, 2018

    This is a good question, I also thought they were addressing this.

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  • Posted to Portfolio redesign - need some advice!, Oct 29, 2018
    1. These all depend on how much content you have for each project. If you can write something up, awesome, but consider showcasing only your top shelf work. That way you don't dry yourself up trying to come up with words for projects you're no longer that involved. Use this opportunity to define a case study process for your portfolio, that way you start archiving your thought process for future reference.

    2. As many projects as you'd like as long as they're all the same top quality.

    3. Thought process(case study), design experience (typography, design systems, etc), methodologies, and tech/skill stack.

    4. Depends

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  • Posted to OG Foundry: Miller & Richard, Oct 26, 2018

    Haha, thanks!

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  • Posted to What is your design process and the way you make decisions? , Oct 26, 2018
    1. Read brief
    2. Pour coffee
    3. Make the todo

    This part is asyncronous

    1. Start surfing with a concept in mind
    2. Collect reference and kick off the moobard

    3. Research competitors or similar design objectives

    4. Make a competence analysis

    5. Research and or generate brand terms and values

    6. Explore typography and grid systems

    7. Start designing by throwing things in an artboard

    8. Hope for the best

    This is how I start my projects but I don't think I could write down my whole decision process, because that's something that varies widely between different projects.

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  • Posted to How many hours a day are you productive?, Oct 15, 2018

    6/8 Generally

    I peak around 80% productivity according to RescueTime

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  • Posted to Denys Loveiko Portfolio, Sep 21, 2018

    Great motion and layout, the design is sublime, altough I struggled to get the main project navigation to do what I intended I had to go back a couple times to succesfuly scroll, the main nav should also have the ability to be dragged, instead, the website captures the mousedown event as a direction to open the project, but what i wanted was to scroll.

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  • Posted to I took a computer scanner to a tropical garden, the results are amazing., Sep 19, 2018

    Scanography is one of my favorite activities, sadly i dont do it that much haha, these are all amazing, do you have more?

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  • Posted to Hey DN! I have a process question!, Sep 05, 2018

    Plan interactions by category, for example, plan for inputs, toggles, sliders, etc. these should transition within the same timing function, bigger media such as image blocks, grids, etc, might need some slowing down, so the way i do it is:

    1. Prototype desgin view, then 2. Front-End, then 3. prototype interaction, then 4. Populate content, then 5. implement interaction
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