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  • Posted to Helvetica and the Aesthetics of Swiss Design, in reply to Nicholas Burroughs , Jul 20, 2018

    No, it's not. I'll use the article itself to help illustrate why this is false.

    I stay convinced that in the mass perception Swiss Design is strongly associated with Helvetica, while other aspects and features of it are either considered as less significant or come in focus later. That's why it was crucial for me to point out that there can't be an equal sign between Helvetica and Swiss design, as the the last one remains a wider notion. A hyperonym, to be more exact.

    Weird, I thought it was Helvetica first, ignoring the typefaces and designers which came before the release of Helvetica, right?

    Yes and no. In its common meaning, Swiss Design became known after the invention of Helvetica. So you are right.

    However, design has been strongly influenced by philosophy schools. So the movement of purism had started with the pragmatic views, and the idea of bringing ultimate honesty and openness to the visual — what we will call Swiss Design later — was born far earlier.

    Still, it was incorrect of me not to bring this story to the article. So thank you for asking and letting me know about this gap.

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