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  • Posted to Getting to Yes — Convincing Stakeholders to Invest in User Testing, in reply to Mitch Malone , Oct 05, 2018

    Hi there Mitch,

    That's some very interesting arguments you've been given. Of course, reasons for not conducting user testing are plenty, and most of the times they aren't based on any substantial evidence. I think convincing anyone that user testing is valuable is challenging since people are prone to sticking to their initial opinion. However, I still think it's worth a try and backing up your argument with data and use cases, such as examples of how other designers/companies do it, and potential benefits of user testing for the long run is usually the best bet. Of course, understanding where the other person comes from is also important.

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  • Posted to When Is the Best Time to Conduct Usability Testing?, in reply to Andrew C , Sep 18, 2018

    Hi there Andrew,

    These are very good points you raise! I agree, this type of testing doesn't cost anything but it really is worth it.

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