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Samantha Coughlin

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  • Posted to Brand Identity Guidelines StoryChief, Dec 10, 2018

    There's some great thinking behind these guidelines, and I think it's laid out really well! Congrats!

    However, I recommend that you check through all the copy again as there are a number of spelling mistakes detracting from the content.

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  • Posted to Sponsor: At Hired, When You Post Your Resume, 3,500+ Top Companies Compete To Hire You, May 16, 2016

    The first time I created a profile on Hired I wasn't accepted to the "marketplace." I didn't spend much time on it beyond importing my information straight from LinkedIn, so I went back and invested a little effort into the details of my application. After that, I was immediately accepted and went on to interview with 5 companies with 3 full time offers for design positions.

    Once my profile started to get traction, Hired paid me a great deal of attention. They assigned me an agent (who objectively was very helpful), gave me Uber credit to travel to my interviews, and lots and lots of swag. They treat people nice.

    While their adverts exaggerate claims of how easy the process might be, it is definitely possible for non developers to find something great on the site within a few weeks.

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