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  • Posted to 2018 Design Tools Survey results now available, in reply to James Jun , Dec 11, 2018

    I prefer Figma over Sketch but I can see why Sketch is still powerful. It still has the most integrations. Any other supporting tool you use will 99% of the time support Sketch files.

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  • Posted to How to get a job in a different city? , in reply to Todd Cantley , Dec 08, 2018

    Thanks for the insight! What did you say when reaching out to recruiters? Was it short and simple or did it act more like a cover letter?

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  • Posted to Do you read «Case studies» and find it useful?, Dec 04, 2018

    As a designer, I don't find them very useful but I imagine that the target audiences are more so for prospective clients and partners. "Hey look at what we've done for this big client! You can be like this too". So it strikes me as more of a marketing tactic than anything. If you're looking for more in depth material, I would suggest following designers/design teams on Medium. For example:

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  • Posted to Figma now has Overlays, Dec 04, 2018

    I was working in a Figma document today and went to link some screens, when the video tutorial popped up - I was very surprised. FINALLY! No other design tool has this. We don't have to suffer anymore

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  • Posted to How do you document design system?, in reply to Mattan Ingram , Nov 30, 2018

    I use Figma 80% of the time and Sketch the rest (slowly but surely transitioning over). Zero Height does not currently support a Figma integration but that's one of the known shortcomings with any application that is not Sketch. Sketch has been the industry standard for awhile so it makes sense that they have more support and integrations at the moment. I haven't heard of any tools that integrate with Figma besides Zeplin, nevertheless, a Design System Documentation tool integrating with Figma.

    With that said, it's quite simple to transfer Figma -> Sketch although cumbersome depending on how many components you're trying to transfer.

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  • Posted to How do you document design system?, Nov 28, 2018

    Someone else posted a similar question recently and a few comments came back with I've been working on our Design system for over a year now and once I played around with Zero Height, I wish I had found out about this tool sooner.

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  • Posted to How do I become a Senior Designer? , in reply to Tyler Button , Nov 23, 2018

    I helped spearhead the search for an intern earlier this year as well as our research program so it sounds like I’m on the right track!

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  • Posted to How do I become a Senior Designer? , in reply to Xavier Bertels , Nov 23, 2018

    I’m constantly asking myself that and learning new skills all the time. I’m at a point where growing and learning is just the default/second nature. It’s true that titles aren’t an accurate representation of a person’s skills but it still holds value in today’s world as it is an indicator of what responsibilities get thrown at you, your pay, how colleagues/clients respond to you, etc. But to your point, it sounds like a Senior Designer is just a “better designer”.

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  • Posted to How do I become a Senior Designer? , in reply to Todd Cantley , Nov 23, 2018

    Can you please elaborate on what you mean by “start designing like one”? As you said in the beginning of your post, you’re a Senior but there are intermediate designers who could run circles around you. So what exactly separates a Senior from everyone else if it’s just a title? You touched upon it a little bit (hiring, buying fonts, etc.) but I’m more curious about how they design differently.

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  • Posted to How do I become a Senior Designer? , in reply to George Brown , Nov 23, 2018

    Your post reminded me why I feel that my next step is to gain that title. I imagine there’s many reasons why anyone would want that title and to your point, if it’s a raise then simply ask for a raise. It’s always a good idea to really think about why we want things.

    When I ask myself 5 times “why I want to be a senior”, it boils down to getting treated/respected the same as my Senior colleagues. I feel like my colleagues ideas are weighted more because of their titles/they’ve been there longer.

    I agree that our work speaks for itself. If you’re good, people will see that.

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