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  • Posted to What happened to Sagmeister?, Jul 28, 2019

    So, he's switching from an artist masquerading as a designer to an artist.


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  • Posted to Typography Terms Cheat Sheet, in reply to Hussain Raja , May 28, 2019

    Well done typography. More specifically, the typographic color is far, far too dark.

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  • Posted to What are your favorite fonts right now?, Dec 21, 2018

    Fira Sans

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  • Posted to A new logo for Unsplash, Dec 15, 2018

    I wonder if there would be as much feigned outrage over these types of rebrands if they just switched the fucking logo and didn't write an entire story on it. It always feels like it's the empty words/meaning that upset everyone but instead of mentioning that they attack the actual visual/execution.

    As usual, the most ridiculous part about this rebrand is the reaction.

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  • Posted to The Ultimate Guide to Kerning: How to Kern Font in Your Projects, Dec 04, 2018

    Was the title written by a robot? How to kern font?

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  • Posted to Firefox logo concept, Sep 12, 2018

    I think the largest misuse of minimalism in design is when it's done for the sake of it, or simplifying an existing design which does not necessarily require simplification. Minimal design should be the product of the correct decisions, not something to strive for intentionally from the start. We can take many, many identities and simplify them to a far more minimal form, but it does not mean we need to.

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  • Posted to What's your thought on design tasks for a job application?, Aug 31, 2018

    You should be paid, regardless of whether or not the task relates directly to their company, product, etc. If they don't want to pay, then they need to learn how to better judge talent and skills whether that's from looking at work examples, or (gasp) actually speaking to a person about their process, personal design theories, etc.

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  • Posted to Web Design for Graphic Designers, Jul 31, 2018

    If coding is an aspect of web design which is intimidating to someone more experienced in print design, then that's the first issue—they shouldn't be worrying about code, nor should they think they must learn it. They most likely did not learn printing skills when they first trained as a designer.

    Ermin, are the designers you're working with who are not experienced in web design attempting to code as well, or just design?

    You're a web developer, so I'm assuming they're designing, you're building, but the issue runs into them not having an understanding how of things work, and not necessarily how to make things work.

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  • Posted to Helvetica and the Aesthetics of Swiss Design, Jul 19, 2018

    Swiss Design is Helvetica first.

    No, it's not. I'll use the article itself to help illustrate why this is false.

    The phenomenon of Swiss Design appeared far earlier, at the end of the 19th century.

    Weird, I thought it was Helvetica first, ignoring the typefaces and designers which came before the release of Helvetica, right?

    Can we get downvote buttons?

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