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  • Posted to UI Diffing, Dec 02, 2014

    If you're looking for a visual tool, Kaleidoscope is pretty good.

    If you're chasing something to put in your pipe, BBC's Wraith is great.

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  • Posted to Writing CSS (and SASS) that doesn’t suck, Sep 30, 2014

    Nice write up, Ashley. We've recently tried to tackle our variable issue, which is one you've raised but didn't really talk about.

    $white: #FFF; $white-dark: #AAA; $white-dark-2: #CCC;

    We all understand why that is wrong, but what's the alternative in your eyes?

    We're going down the path of using the actual color name, so:

    $color-white: #FFF; $color-silver-chalice: #AAA; $color-silver: #CCC;

    And then at the top of each individual file, we assign the color variable to a more descriptive variable, like $color-headings-hover: $color-silver.

    Variables are important to us - the manipulation we apply to rgba is highly beneficial. Also, we have one scss file per component, so sharing the color palette across all of our components with a central place to update is handy.

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  • Posted to Software/Web developer portfolio examples?, Sep 30, 2014

    It all depends what he wants to achieve. If it's a showcase past work and technical experience, then make sure the design suits a more technically orientated audience (especially with software development).

    If it's a portfolio hoping to result in employment, then he should choose the most prominent projects (or the ones he's most proud of) and display them simply and effectively. Avoid a massive amount of technical jargon.

    I treat mine as a resume more than anything else. I've thought about extending it from time to time, but it serves its purpose for now:


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  • Posted to You can place audio in an SVG file, Jul 21, 2014

    Using audio/video tags in an SVG is outlined in the spec: http://www.w3.org/TR/SVGTiny12/multimedia.html#Smil2Media

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  • Posted to Name your conferences!, in reply to Michael Loomes , Jun 21, 2014

    JSConf / CSSConf, Web Directions (South / Code) are also good ones!

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