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  • Posted to Unsplash images are no longer in the public domain, Jun 22, 2017

    The new Unsplash-branded license is revocable. This means that Unsplash or the author could, at any time, change their mind about how people can use the images they have previously downloaded. This is a significant change from CC0.

    Following the switch to the new Unsplash-branded license, there is no marking of works that were previously shared in the public domain using CC0.

    These are major issues. This opens up Unsplash users to potential copyright lawsuits from relicensed images or licenses that are revoked under the new Unsplash-branded license.

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  • Posted to The New ZURB, Jun 15, 2017

    I need to know what happens when you collect all the cows (seriously.)

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  • Posted to Craft Stock from InVision, Jun 08, 2017

    Will other services come to Craft Stock? We have a subscription to Deposit Photos currently.

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  • Posted to Neat, Save Anything – Private Beta, Jun 08, 2017

    It's a great start but you have some major issues:

    1. Where are exports? I have years worth of bookmarks in Vivaldi (Chrome-based) and Pocket. The last thing I want to risk is losing that data if I switch to your service and it goes down, closes or Google knocks on your door. At the very least, you should offer standard HTML exports like Firefox and Chrome have. An option for JSON would be a bonus.
    2. You've already said it's paid. How much? Again, it's not worth the effort to import my data to later find out that NEAT will cost more than I'm willing to pay. The sooner you announce this the better. (Side note: Import results feedback, e.g. "1,500 of 1,500 bookmarks imported", would be great. Pocket failed an import halfway through and I was stuck not knowing if all the data made it. Imagine if I found out I deleted the data from my browser and it didn't make it to Pocket successfully.)
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  • Posted to Feather - Simply beautiful open source icons, Jun 01, 2017

    Is there a Sketch file available? I like to keep my icon libraries in Sketch and use the Sketch Runner search function to quickly find icons by layer name.

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  • Posted to Apple: Switch from Android, May 24, 2017

    Dear DN,

    You are not the target audience for this campaign. I would think a design community would understand marketing.

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  • Posted to Designer's transition from macOS to Windows., May 12, 2017

    She's missing a lot. This is more of an overview to how she works than a transition guide. Moving from macOS to Windows means finding new solutions for backups, color management, font management and a lot more.

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  • Posted to, May 10, 2017

    It's pretty.

    Our team previously used Basecamp. Now we're using Teamwork Projects. We went from something too simple (missing important features) to something too difficult to use (high learning curve). Good luck finding the right balance.

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  • Posted to Adobe XD or Figma , May 04, 2017

    Adobe is a terrible company so XD is out of the question. I'd love to hear from Figma users on the following:

    • Are you worried about Figma closing shop? They could close down or the team could be acquihired by Facebook tomorrow and you would lose all of your work.
    • Does Figma have any way to backup your work? I'm guessing they use a proprietary file format that lives "in the cloud." What happens when they screw up and lose all your data?
    • Does Figma support plugins? What makes Sketch great is 3rd-party plugins like Runner, Auto Layout, User Flows, Craft and many others. Thanks to Runner being able to use Plugins from a quick command palette everything is so fast now. Need a map on the page? 5 seconds. Need to Find & Replace text? Easy. Spell check your files? No problem. Rename all of your layers and convert them to symbols? Simple. And with Sketchpacks I find it's simple to find and install new plugins for whatever you're doing.
    • At $144/year/user, it's already more expensive than Sketch. That price could change at any time and you can't do anything about it. You're locked in if you want to access your files.

    I'm open to someone changing my mind. I moved from Photoshop to Sketch. I can move from Sketch to something else but it has to be worth it.

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  • Posted to FontBase 2.0 — Mac and Linux support and much more!, May 04, 2017

    FontExplorer used to be free as well. Do you have plans on making FontBase paid in the future?

    I've tried a lot of font management apps. Currently, I'm very happy with typeface from the App Store. I think it was ~$10 and it has performed so much better than FontExplorer, Extensis Suitcase Fusion or RightFont. The previews are very fast, it previews (and activates) fonts from folders and features like auto size and collapse families are awesome. It can also search fonts by name, weight, width, slant or type classification (serif, sans, script, mono, et. al.) Do you have plans to bring any of these features to FontBase?

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