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  • Posted to Calculus for Beginners and Artists (MIT), Jul 15, 2019

    off topic, but this is some terrible UX..

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  • Posted to 20 year timelapse of (1999-2019), in reply to Martin LeBlanc , Jul 10, 2019

    Probably Amazon like ensuring a consistent profit margin more than design. Can’t talk about the early stages of the website, but post 2010 Amazon designers definitely did their homework, they probably thought about making that outdated outlined CTA button into the sleek rounded edge CTA button but faced challenges in terms of the scale of the site and its diverse customer base(not every grandma appreciates a sleek box-shadow CTA). It might not be the most exciting branding design work out here, But UX wise, they have done a good job in making the website easy to use and accessible to a larger number of customers. Ultimately, the goal is profit, design is only a tool for them to bringing in more profit, if it brings too much complexity and volatility in profit making, Amazon is not going to risk changing that ugly outlined yellow CTA.

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