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  • Posted to Relicensing React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable.js, Sep 24, 2017

    I’d guess enough outrage happened, and suddenly teams switched from React that they freaked out.

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  • Posted to Apparently Klarna wants us to penetrate our payments XD, Sep 22, 2017


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  • Posted to iPhone X, in reply to Stuart McCoy , Sep 13, 2017

    With FaceID I cautiously agree with you. How well it works remains to be seen. However wireless charging is using exactly the same tech that everyone is using. (which is a great thing to be honest) It's not some new Apple approach. The hardware follows a set of protocols and is the same across devices. And water resistance is the same across the board using gaskets, and glue with some tech like is present in the Apple Watch to clear out water.

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  • Posted to iPhone X, in reply to Michael F , Sep 13, 2017

    It's not an argument. Simply stated that it wasn't really an innovation that draws me in, and it's mostly an about time. Definitely a welcome edition.

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  • Posted to Best alternative to the magic mouse?, Sep 12, 2017

    Any mouse? The Magic Mouse is a horrible designed mouse that will quickly cause carpal tunnel, and other hand / wrist issues. I'd recommend the Logitech MX Master. It's VERY customizable (at the per application level), and it's nicely ergonomic. You have some nice color choices as well.

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  • Posted to iPhone X, in reply to Mattan Ingram , Sep 12, 2017

    Yeah. It's an odd design choice (like the camera bump) for a company that claims to care so much about design. I'd say it's an unnecessary choice.

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  • Posted to iPhone X, Sep 12, 2017

    Nothing interesting. Maybe it's because it was all leaked, but I was hoping for more.

    Apple Watch

    We have full on Dick Tracy with LTE support. But we really only have one day of battery life? Integrate the battery into the band of the watch. Give us at least 2-3 days? Make the band battery detachable, so that we can swap out a charged battery band? Where is the design innovation? Most smartwatch, fitness band, etc owners wear their devices 24/7 to monitor health, steps, activity, etc. If we have to charge it every night it becomes less than ideal.


    Expensive, but nothing that is truly a level up. Everything is either catch up, or gimmicky tech. Why do I want Face ID? I don't. Now to unlock my phone for someone I'll have to hold it up to my face (and actually look at it), instead of just blindly reaching out to unlock it with a finger. Water resistance? Well welcome to catching up with everyone else. Wireless charging? Catching up with everyone else. Iteration on the performance as expected, and integrating the technologies that should have already been there when launched on their iPad models (true tone?). And only 64 GB and 256 GB models on the 8? And a huge price jump for that.

    And in order to have the better camera you have to go plus? Why can't they go the route that Google took with the Pixel and have screen size be the differentiator. Some of use don't want big phones. And why do we still have that annoying camera bump? The Pixel handled that pretty gracefully with the gentle slope.

    I may be seriously considering a Google / Android phone this year. The camera was rated so well on the Pixel, and if it's an iteration (like the iPhone) at least I'll have Google Assistant integration. Siri is still incredibly stupid. I can't tell you how many times I've asked Siri the weather and it tries to FaceTime someone.


    I know it wasn't updated, but I think the iPad really is innovating. It's so close to being the computer I want. And the iPads integration with the Apple ecosystem is what keeps me hooked on the iPhone and Watch.

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  • Posted to Can anyone tell me cool design podcasts?, Sep 07, 2017

    I have to promote my podcast. Give us a listen. We have some great guests, and discussions. Find us at ThunderNerds.

    We will be participating at DevFestFlorida which is Florida's largest Google conference taking place in Orlando, Florida. If you will be attending make sure to say hi, and participate in our live Q&A panel with some of the conference speakers.

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  • Posted to Atlassian Stride, introducing Actions and Decisions, Focus mode, Sep 07, 2017

    Kevan the artifact in the microphone icon in the second image is making my right eye twitch!

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  • Posted to Pixelmator Pro, in reply to Mariusz Ostrowski , Sep 06, 2017

    One thing I hope is feature parity with the desktop version. I'm not interested in a repeat of their last version.

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