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  • Posted to Is it just me, or the dark theme on Mojave really sucks?, Oct 01, 2018

    "went back to white mode after less than 5 minutes" - this might be an issue here, give it time ;) Like all new UI, it gets time to get used to.

    There are some "shitty things" like the border, etc. but don't forget this needs to be balanced for everyone and there are lots of constraints (age - young/old, physical state - good/bad eyes, conditions - indoor/outdoor, better/worst screens, accessibility etc.), it's not only for a designer's eyes :) If this would be done like dribble shot, it would fail.

    Looks fantastic for me, especially if every app is in dark mode. I can go into details and complain, but there is no reason to do so. I'm sure the UI will improve in the future. Just give more time, use it and enjoy.

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  • Posted to Figma just got a lot faster , in reply to Marc Edwards , Sep 21, 2018

    Perfect, will use one of them, thank you!

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  • Posted to Figma just got a lot faster , in reply to Marc Edwards , Sep 20, 2018

    Marc, I consumed your comments with please, definitely not as something negative, really appreciate that you spend your time helping refresh my thinking. Thank you

    The Pixar's format is a really good example, I'm glad that someone tackle impossibility. I can understand (following your arguments) that in our industry this challenge might be even more complicated.

    I will definitely get back to you in near future with some examples, just need to rethink your questions and correct my perspective on some things.

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  • Posted to Biggest painpoints in remote worker's workflow?, in reply to Jess Eddy , Sep 17, 2018

    Totally agree with Jess. I work remotely since 2012, each time adjusting to the timezone of my employer. Last 4 years the difference is 2h only, which is easy. But I also spend 2 years with 7h gap :) which was a pain sometimes (considering a family schedule, kids etc.). But overall, the most important thing is communication, I would say overcommunicate every time, and everything will be ok.

    Peace and good luck!

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  • Posted to My new SaaS web page builder side-project, after years of open source, in reply to Jimmy Hooker , Sep 17, 2018

    No, no, not harsh. Believe me (just trying to be helpful). If I offended anyone with my comment, really sorry, that was not my intention.

    I just react to what I have read once I landed on that page, the headline gave me a clear message that "the app is free", which is false. Wrong words are used here, the copy in that situation should sound something like "Hey we have a free version as well" then I know what I dealing with.

    So the user lands on that homepage. Read that the app is free. He/She is happy. Dive into registration, later discover it is not free at all for what he/she wants to do. What the user feel in that situation?


    User lands on the homepage. Read that the app is a PAID app but offers a free limited version. Leave, or decide to register ... etc. This is an honest situation, which limits the frustration and trust issues.

    Common marketing tactic has nothing "common" with fairness. You can trick the user very easily, but this is a bad idea. Let's be honest with our designs.

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  • Posted to My new SaaS web page builder side-project, after years of open source, Sep 17, 2018

    Hey Artur!

    Looks like Webflow, which is a good thing :)

    One comment if I may. The first headline says "Your next, free, One Page Builder", which is totally misleading, this is not a free app. You offer a free, limited version, but marketing this as a free tool is not very fair IMHO, especially if the PRICiNG link is visible on top ;)

    Well, I will definitely check this out in more details, congrats on your project and I wish you lots of successes! Thanks!

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  • Posted to Figma just got a lot faster , in reply to Marc Edwards , Sep 17, 2018

    Hey Marc!

    Sorry for the late answer. You always was my hero, you are a smart guy, I agree with what you said 100% (like almost always) and how you smashed me and drag back to the ground ;)

    I know this might be an impossible task for the current mindset and reality of multiple languages and formats etc. However, I address my wish for the future, where maybe, thanks to AI those things will be possible. I believe in that.

    The wish is born from the pain I experience. Very often I'm forced to use different design software then my preferred one. Handover to developers is another problem, you are probably aware of that as well.


    PS: Good luck with Skala (can't wait to see it)

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  • Posted to Figma just got a lot faster , Sep 14, 2018

    Nice to see so many improvements for figma, and other design tools. This is a very comfortable situation for designers, who can now easily choose the instrument, which suits their workflow.

    The only problem is compatibility. My only wish for all the tools would be a universal file type. Just imagine, a project file, which you can open natively with the weapon of your preference (figma, framer, sketch, you name it, etc.). That would be something marvelous.

    Unfortunately, all of those apps trying to be "the one and only" in the industry, probably they have good reasons for this as well ;) But, I hope it will change in the future.


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  • Posted to Sponsor: Hotjar is a fast and visual way to understand your users better!, in reply to Teodor Decu , Sep 14, 2018

    Totally agree.

    Let's think about this. If people are forced to VOTE, and there is only one candidate, it is very easy to dislike the system and candidate itself. Same situation here, DN & Sponsor are forcing us to like them, only. This is very bad and not trustworthy situation, and IMHO it does a totally opposite favor to the brand itself (sponsor). Do you really want to make DN better, well, you can still do it ;)

    The small things like this make a very big difference, you can easily do "honest moves" without compromising income:

    Option1, introduce second candidate, a downvote for the balance.

    Option2, totally remove upvotes for SPONSORS, so no up/down votes, just pure title and the content.

    Option3, move the sponsor out of the mainstream, on the bottom/side etc. (visible only once, after reloading the page no more sponsors )

    Option4, Something fair and trustworthy.

    The funny thing is, many of us understand the problem, complaining about this (like me at the moment), but later, doing the same shitty mistakes. I'm guilty as well (when I look at the past), but I learned (the hard way) that this is not worth it in the long run. So please do honest design/moves.


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