Mārtiņs Zemlickis

Mārtiņs Zemlickis

Riga UI/UX Designer at Citadele Bank Joined almost 5 years ago

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  • Posted to Can I write “Creative Director” on a student résumé / CV?, Feb 08, 2019

    Write what you want. Titles are just titles, if you think you can do it... then try and do it...

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  • Posted to Slack new logo!, in reply to Shane McCleery , Jan 17, 2019

    Best comment of 2019! :D

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  • Posted to Designers for Open Source?, in reply to Bradley Taunt , Jan 08, 2019

    I found this few months back. Its really interesting. I took on a creating logo for a translation tool and its been amazing experience. Recommend to anyone who has a free time. :) Cheers!

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  • Posted to How effective are modern UX design methods?, Oct 03, 2018

    I totally felt the same a while back, but as the process is getting more popular between companies it helps to rise salaries and resources devoted for design.

    For me the whole process helps to find better arguments for design decisions. As well it adds layer of insurance for the company I work for, that a time and resources spent will be valuable enough for the end client. If research part is well documented it as well helps business people to understand their clients better and keeps discussions more user/people centric.

    The thing I definitely don't like about all this process is the language. People who are new in UX and come from roles like project manager or "non-designer" roles, in my experience, tend to over-complicate language with buzz words to compensate their technical knowledge about implementation. This definitely damages communication between other departments, as others don't fell the possibility to participate in discussions.

    Obviously in the end that all helps to tailor products and services that actually help people better and better. I would say that research process helps a lot, if done correctly.

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  • Posted to Welcoming Gravit to the Corel family, Jun 22, 2018

    This is really unexpected but then again solid move from Gravit, it would be hard to compete with Figma or Sketch.

    I'm not sure how Corel have survived till this day, don't get me wrong - I started with Corel DRAW and its amazing tool, but industry is pushing other tools and its hard to fight with that.

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  • Posted to Portfolio: Zoltán Hosszú, May 14, 2018

    Really nice. I love the timeline approach, it showcases that you are an active field expert.

    I'm not totally sold to that project section, maybe you can find some more clever way to showcase those. I saw both of links to articles and product, but somehow that feels off, because you have to check both to have full impression of the work.

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  • Posted to Can anyone share their CV with me?, Apr 01, 2018

    Resume should be reaaally brief summary of what your work history looks like + some small details skills, tools, clients and list of your links to social media.

    This is one I made not so long ago, nothing big, clean and straight forward: https://mzemlickis.lv/mz-resume.pdf

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  • Posted to Material Design Prototyping, Mar 16, 2018

    Looks really amazing.

    Im always curious about these mega packs and copyright. People pack material free resources and then ask money. There are no restrictions whatsoever?

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  • Posted to Whimsical.co – a great tool for userflows, flowcharts, etc., Mar 08, 2018

    Wish you guys all the luck. Design is real nice, good job Steve. Looking forward to see more stuff.

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