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  • Posted to Abstract Redesign, Sep 06, 2018

    Cool redesign, but I don't see how a business can be created from this...

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  • Posted to New Portfolio site completed, feedback welcomed., Jun 22, 2018

    Amazing. I don't feel the portfolio itself is super unique (though it's clean and easy to navigate) but your work is hot man, gorgeous stuff and a great variety of different styles showing your versatility to adapt to different brands and styles.

    One thing I'd love to see is the results from your work. C level execs don't have the same appreciation of design that DN folks will. They instead want to see whether or not the work you did was effective. Did you help boost conversions, get leads, etc? I would definitely publish those stats and make them very visible.

    Great job overall, keep it up!

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  • Posted to Airbnb Cereal typeface, May 16, 2018

    Why was it necessary for Airbnb to create a new typeface?

    The real reason... licensing costs on Circular is friggin' ridiculous.

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  • Posted to Walmart new homepage design – Is it better?, May 13, 2018

    I like this new look for Walmart.

    Is it better? Definitely looks a hell of a lot better. In terms of performance though, tough to say... if they change it drastically in the next 6-8 months then I think you can safely say it did not perform.

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  • Posted to Notion 2.0, in reply to Ken Em , Mar 20, 2018

    Welp, DN's duplicate function did not show this or pick it up, so I submitted it. Thanks for pointing this out.

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  • Posted to Pentagram rebrands Rotten Tomatoes after 17 years, Mar 07, 2018

    It feels modernized yet familiar. It's incredibly tough to do an evolution like this without losing the soul and personality of the previous, but imo they nailed it.

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  • Posted to Light Phone 2, Mar 02, 2018

    As smart as Silicon Valley has gotten with A/B testing to iterate and increase DAU as much as possible, the detriment it's had on society is undeniable. For people who want tech to serve them instead of us serving tech, this seems like a great solution.

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  • Posted to Why is this trend taking over?, Mar 01, 2018

    Cuz it looks great and immediately adds a ton of polish to any site.

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  • Posted to Sketch adds prototyping in version 49, Feb 28, 2018

    Invision, Adobe, and Figma are creeping in on their territory. This is a move to lock more people into the Sketch platform. Smart on their part, but also further fragments the market and opens up even more options.

    To maintain their dominance, Sketch needs to create a full-featured web browser accessible version, prototyping and all.

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  • Posted to Dribbble removes ability to filter all shots by 'Recent' on main navigation, Feb 27, 2018

    Whoever is behind Dribbble these days is killing the platform. I understand wanting to monetize it, and by all means they should, but the intro of Scout in essence killed all designers sources of leads. I've talked to a ton of designers who this has happened to and they all echo similar things.

    I realize this is a bit off topic, just needed to vent :)

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