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  • Posted to What sucks about my website?, Feb 23, 2018

    I was imagining that it would be much worse when I initially read this post. You've got decent bones to work with, but there is definitely room for improvement.

    1. When I landed on the website, it was difficult for me to discern off the bat what Failory is - I think "Failory: Learn from failed start ups" needs to be larger and I think there needs to be a line break after "Failory"

    2. The logo in the top left needs help. a) the image itself is pixelated - try using an SVG b) it is so small, it looks like an icon - ie an action/affrodance (like the share icon in the bottom right) - its not clear that this is your branding. c) why does it link to /index.html ?

    3. I think some hierarchy needs to be established between (as I said) "Failory: Learn from failed start ups"and the newsletter sign up area. Maybe wrap that form field and accompanying text in a box with a slightly lighter background?

    4. I agree with other commentors on the "tag" conundrum - if you want to use fun / bright gradients - use them on your CTA - not these tags

    5. I might try a masonry style "card" design for the interviews - as opposed to this list style... it took me a second to realize what that filterable content was - not super engaging as is.

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