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  • Posted to Sketch Plugin - Paddy, Mar 08, 2018

    Automated padding, spacing and alignment for your Sketch layers

    " There are some similar plugins out there that do some of the features of this plugin, but none of them do all of it in the simple way I wanted them to.

    Automatic: Most other plugins require a keyboard shortcut for them to be applied, or re-applied. This is all done automatically as you manipulate your layers; simply deselect everything, and will be updated. Visible properties: It's easy to scan your layer list to see what padding / spacing is applied to your layers and groups; without the need to select them individually. This is because all the properties are set via the layer's name. No special data manipulation: This simply resizes and moves your layers to optimal positions – it doesn't turn your groups into a special 'Stack group' or something; so other people or programs such as Zeplin, can read the Sketch file perfectly fine, without the need for this plugin too. Lightweight: It just does a couple of core things – it's not bloated with a bunch of unused features. "

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  • Posted to Diya open beta - Timeline Animation directly in Sketch, Feb 23, 2018

    It's just amazing! I was waiting for a tool like that directly in Sketch! Bravo!

    I just have a small question. Is there a way to increase the "height" of the Timeline window (or even detach it)? Because with "complex" animations, the area is quite small and it would be nice to see more items :)

    Thank you and congratulations again!

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