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  • Posted to Which topics do you think will be the most important for us to learn in order to advance our careers and develop professionally? , in reply to Arthur Simon , Aug 08, 2017

    Thanks a lot arthur, appreciate it! and will share the results in a few weeks on hacking ui

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  • Posted to Which topics do you think will be the most important for us to learn in order to advance our careers and develop professionally? , Aug 07, 2017

    Hey all, we created this survey to answer this question. We want to know what it is that people want to learn about. There are so many new fields being thrown at us as designers and developers. It's a bit overwhelming and it feels impossible to tackle them all. Our goal is to see what everyone else is thinking about and get some idea of which fields are going to be the most important for us to learn and stay up to date in.

    The survey is super quick and should take just a minute or 2 to complete. Once we have the results, we are going to analyze the data and build a landing page featuring charts and analysis on Hacking UI so that everyone can see it.

    Thanks a lot for your support!

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  • Posted to Hacking UI Presents: The Master Class - a series of free talks with design experts of emerging technologies, Jan 16, 2017

    Really excited for our first talk this Wednesday with Matty Marriansky about designing for chat bots.

    Matty's an absolute expert on conversational UI and building bots. He's also a renowned speaker and gives one hell of a lecture. At the end of the talk, we'll open up the floor for questions, so you can already post anything you'd like to know about chatbots and conversational UI on the crowdcast and Matty will answer it live.

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  • Posted to The Hacking UI Podcast #25 - Khoi Vinh (Principal Designer, Adobe), Dec 22, 2016

    Our guest today is none other than Khoi Vinh, Principal Designer at Adobe and former Design Director of The New York Times. Khoi is the founder of the popular blog, subtraction.com, a true family man, and was named one of Fast Company's "50 Most Influential Designers in America". He is the author of two books and has a long history of launching successful startups and side projects. In this interview, we discussed how writing has helped Khoi, not only in his career as a designer, but also how writing a book gives him a certain amount of credibility, and why he would not trade his writing experience for anything in the world.

    Enjoy and hope you get motivated to start writing.

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  • Posted to The Hacking UI Podcast #24 - Chris Coyier (CSS-Tricks & CodePen), Nov 30, 2016

    It is our pleasure to present to you Chris Coyier. Chris started his journey writing blogs he didn't enjoy, and eventually realized that his passion was actually in coding the blogs and crafting the CSS behind them. He eventually closed down all of his blogs except one, and CSS-Tricks was born. His blog is now one of the largest front-end development blogs in the world and paved the way for his platform, CodePen, which allows developers to share demos of front-end code while inspecting the code at the same time.

    In this episode, learn why Chris started blogging, and why he began with a huge network of many blogs and finally ended up with one. He also shared some advice for new bloggers on how you should treat your blog like a drafts folder and the strategies he used to monetize CSS-Tricks.

    This one is great and full of insights. Enjoy!

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  • Posted to The Hacking UI Podcast #21 - Rizwan Javaid (SPA alum), Nov 03, 2016

    Today we are joined by Rizwan Javaid, a member of The Side Project Accelerator. Rizwan is a UX designer who is passionate about transforming ideas into engaging and profitable digital solutions. He is based out of California and works on a variety of projects both for mobile and web. Rizwan is also a blogger and international speaker, who pushes his boundaries to reach new audiences and inspire them to release their creativity. He started speaking about sketching, as he found it helped him in a variety of ways, and now has several talks and a brand focused on the power of sketching.

    This episode is perfect for the aspiring speakers out there. Hear it straight from Rizwan on how he overcome and transformed his weakness into a strength and how he built his confidence as a speaker.

    Hope you guys enjoy and be motivated like me!

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  • Posted to The Hacking UI Podcast #20 - Kelsey Ruger (Side Project Accelerator alum), Oct 25, 2016

    With us today is Kelsey Ruger, a UX consultant based out of Houston, Texas. Kelsey is a professor, a designer, a developer, and pretty much a jack of all trades. We met and got to know Kelsey because he's also a member of The Side Project Accelerator.

    Kelsey has worked on web and mobile projects for Fortune 100 startups and agencies and was also named one of Houston’s 40 under 40 in 2012 by the Houston Business Journal. His mission is to help people use their creativity to make better things happen in the world. In this episode, he shares with us his method for coming up with ideas and how to build a dedicated audience using the concept of “1,000” true fans.

    I got intrigued with Kelsey's concept of "1,000 true fans". After our chat with him, I realized that it's a powerful technique that could be useful to you too. So check it out and learn how Kelsey applies this to his blog and newsletter and why it is his key to building a sustainable side project.

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  • Posted to The Hacking UI Podcast #19 - David Okuniev (Typeform), Oct 20, 2016

    Joining us today is the former musician turned designer, David Okuniev. He is the co-founder and joint CEO of Typeform, one of the hottest young startups out there.

    David discusses his amazing world-wide journey from being a musician with a record deal to owning a design agency and eventually building a product that was transformed from being a side project into a massively successful startup. Through Typeform David and his team have set the goal of making beautiful tools for human interaction that anyone can use.

    Sudden turn of events.. unexpected life twists.. Hear it straight from David on how the events in his life played out, leading him to become a successful entrepreneur.

    As they say, "The best things happen unexpectedly". Hope this inspires you.

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  • Posted to How to build your personal brand as a designer, Oct 12, 2016

    Hey guys, we're putting on a free webinar at 2pm Eastern Time. We will cover how you can put yourself out there and start building your personal brand as a side project. In our case (Hacking UI) – it's what made us eventually leave our day jobs, and we want to teach you from our experience.

    We will discuss the methodology that we developed, “Audience Driven Product Development”, and we’ll provide some helpful tips regarding creating content and finding the actual time to do so. Then in the second part of the webinar (after we get the state of mind right) we will cover some practical techniques and tips for writing your first blog post ( and if you’ve already written articles before - you will have some new tools that will boost your productivity when writing articles on the web).

    If you're wondering if this webinar is for you then:

    If you have a side project going on or want to start one, if you have a blog or a Medium account, or want to start getting yourself out there as a professional but don’t know how to start – this talk will be PERFECT for you.

    By the end of this webinar:

    You will have the exact knowledge and know that state of mind needed to start your own personal brand! You will have the tools and methods to start writing and putting out content and/or work on your side project!

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  • Posted to The Hacking UI Podcast #18 - Peter Nowell (Sketch Master), Oct 11, 2016

    Our guest today is a super talented designer with an entrepreneurial fire burning in his veins. Peter Nowell, a designer based in San Francisco, is the creator of Sketch Master, his scaling platform of professional courses for Sketch. His course was quickly considered one of the greatest resources for designers to learn Sketch and improve their skills.

    Peter has worked with clients big and small, ranging from Apple to the Juice Shop, and absolutely revels in the high-level design vision and the execution of every detail. Living by his ideals of simplicity, honesty, and intentionality, Peter has continued to develop his brand and work on the things he really believes in.

    I totally agree with his top tips on managing a side project while working a full time job. Find out about it and I know you can totally relate.

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