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  • Posted to Palettte App - Create, analyze and edit smooth color palettes, in reply to Gabriel Adorf , Jan 31, 2019

    this came in at a great timing. thanks for this.

    I have a feature suggestion: export as .sketchpalette json format or somehow having the export as rgb values as opposed to only hex

    also, something I noticed is that i can't use - (dash) on color/palette names, so I can't name color like blue-100

    Also appreciated the blog post where you explained the reasoning behind the project, as I couldn't quite figure it just by looking at the interface : )

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  • Posted to DN mobile app - when?, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Jan 08, 2019

    Thanks Aaron, that really fixed all the issues I've listed

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  • Posted to DN mobile app - when?, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Jan 07, 2019

    What about the reading list? The keychain? The iCloud tabs? The history etc . Should I really change my browser experience because of one single bugged website? This doesn’t happen on any other website, only DN. Not to mention that safari is the default so every link from the email newsletter will open on safari, so that I can then open it in chrome? I really don’t get his “change browser” argument, Next step is change phone entirely ? Yeah because every browser on iOS are pretty much safari with a skin on top.

    Is it too hard to remove the login fields from the dom when you’re logged in?

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  • Posted to DN mobile app - when?, in reply to Tom Green , Jan 06, 2019

    I e-mailed them sharing this as I’m also experiencing that. I’ve also asked for an api token so I can make my own DN app (and possible share) But no answer.

    I kind of understand why. if people start making apps, that work better than just coming directly to the website, people will stop seeing ads and job listings, and they may not want that drop on the number of visits.

    Just assuming.

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  • Posted to Is there any good alternative to webflow?, Nov 08, 2018 is similar in what regards to layout creation/freedom directly to code.

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  • Posted to What's your favourite design newsletter?, Oct 21, 2018

    Val head’s writes about animation (on the web) newsletter:

    Khoi’s blog usually writes about design:

    Branding, packaging and opinion by Richard Baird:

    Ricardo Magalhães writes about typography, design and other stuff:

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  • Posted to It’s time to meet Framer X, an advanced interaction design tool that’s easy for just about anyone to use., in reply to Michael Dorian Bach , Jul 27, 2018

    I can't find where I've read that, but looks like Framer X was built from ground up and is not a simple update to the current software, it means to me that the normal Framer will still exist. So you can choose not to jump on the X bandwagon. Yes it doesn't solve the lack of focus you're mentioning, but at least they might not kill the existing solution completely.

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  • Posted to Framer raised $8M in Series A funding led by Accel, Nov 09, 2017

    What do you mean by native app?

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  • Posted to While Apple is taking away buttons, we found a way to add one, in reply to David Steelcart , Oct 17, 2017

    I thought beme used iPhone’s proximity/light sensor.

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  • Posted to Mac OS High Sierra: Video Autoblocking and tracking prevention, in reply to Andy Merskin , Jun 06, 2017


    Google passed along a statement. "We do not comment on rumor or speculation," a spokesperson told Ars. "We’ve been working closely with the Coalition for Better Ads and industry trades to explore a multitude of ways Google and other members of the Coalition could support the Better Ads Standards."

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