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  • Posted to "Why I design at Facebook" in The Year of the Looking Glass, Aug 15, 2014

    I'd think twice about criticizing this post as defensive or in-genuine, because this is a really fair representation of what Julie values about our company and about design. These are the things she talks about every day.

    Facebook may not be the place for you, and you may not want to practice the kind of design we do, but don't discount the impact on the world the designers there have or the complexity of the problems they solve.

    You make trade offs when designing for a billion people — Facebook requires a different kind of design than the startup, freelance, or agency work I've done in the past. It's sometimes frustrating, often challenging, and almost always rewarding.

    Before you flame or retort with fury, remember that the people at Facebook have a lot in common with you. And, if you see things at Facebook you'd like to change or improve, the best way to do it is by offering your constructive feedback and working with us.

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  • Posted to "Why I design at Facebook" in The Year of the Looking Glass, in reply to Pasquale D'Silva , Aug 15, 2014

    That's simply not true Pasquale, and its upsetting you think that way knowing so many of the people working there personally.

    And you should know that there's no data sold to advertisers or government agencies. Plainly and honestly put, we don't build products to make money, we make money to build better products.

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