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  • Posted to How do you make basic 3d models on mac?, Mar 14, 2019

    Check out the free or limited version of Modo. Really nice tool. Been using it for years. Will allow you to grow as far as you like without running into huge road blocks.

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  • Posted to Sketch Copy and Paste, now in Framer, Mar 12, 2018

    Really nice feature. One addition that's critical would be to support text boxes created in Sketch. I noticed that when I paste the art board into Framer's design view the text is blown out and doesn't wrap. Makes sense as to why this happens but would love to avoid returning to all of my text boxes and re-creating them within Framer. Dig the feature overall though. Nice work!

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  • Posted to Sketch Copy and Paste, now in Framer, in reply to Benjamin den Boer , Mar 12, 2018

    restarting helped for me.

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