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Cody Iddings

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  • Posted to Shopify Polaris, Apr 21, 2017

    I'd love to hear about Shopify Sans. Any insights?

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  • Posted to How United Onboards New Users, Apr 13, 2017

    Best teardown ever.

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  • Posted to Stripe Atlas Refresh, Apr 10, 2017

    The navigation is hard to read on the yellow isn't it? Must be going against some accessibility standards?

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  • Posted to An Hour of Modern Product Design, in reply to Claude piche , Apr 06, 2017

    Hey thanks Claude! I'm just the messenger! Thank the authors of the posts!

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  • Posted to The New, Apr 04, 2017

    I've been experimenting with it and it's awesome! It's a mix of Sketch, Axure, Invision, Principle, and XD all baked into 1. Go NZ!

    So far I particularly like the variables and linking with Google Spreadsheets and the custom CSS. If the editor doesn't have something, CSS definitely has it (Like border radius on 1 corner). I even did a gradient in CSS.

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  • Posted to Humaan - new site design, in reply to Thomas Michael Semmler , Mar 29, 2017

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  • Posted to Who is the designer?, in reply to Jared Krause , Mar 09, 2017

    Haha not sure what you mean by that Jared. Mahalo Design Digest  is a way to give thanks to those in the wonderful, awe-inspiring world of design, UX, and digital-experiences! I (along with periodic guests) will curate links from around the web for you to be stoked on.

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  • Posted to Who is the designer?, Mar 09, 2017

    Hey cheers Shawn.

    What do all you think the role of the designer is? Have you recently written an article about this or have some awesome thoughts? Let's create some conversation!

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  • Posted to How I finally quit Photoshop and switched to Axure, Mar 01, 2017

    I've been using Axure for 3+ years now. It's a great tool to have in your toolkit, especially when having to create complex product design flows.

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  • Posted to Blox - Your website, online in minutes, Feb 24, 2017

    Hey John, can we see examples or templates available?

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