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Kyle Bavender

Indianapolis, IN Front-end Arbiter, CSS Whisperer @ Rare Bird Joined almost 7 years ago

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  • Posted to Garden Party Botanical Hard Sodas, in reply to Chris Vasey , Apr 11, 2017

    Thanks Chris! We had fun "breaking out of the boxes" of traditional web thinking. Did anything in particular stick out to you?

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  • Posted to Spotify Testing Redesign, Apr 11, 2017

    First impression: Spotify is playing it safe.

    Thinking out loud here, but I wonder if we'll continue to see Spotify's bold design language of the last few years reined in.

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  • Posted to Garden Party Botanical Hard Sodas, in reply to Uvis Grinfelds , Apr 10, 2017

    Sorry Uvis. I edited the Markdown link formatting — maybe try again?

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  • Posted to AMA: Super Team Deluxe, Aug 22, 2016

    Super Team Deluxe. Yesssss.

    I am late to the AMA party like no other — I blame a vacation and Stranger Things. But I'm here, and I come with questions.

    1. I've been following Rogie & Justin for years, Professional Interwebs Lurker™ style — and am discovering I've missed out on following Drew, Alicia, & Hannah. How did you get to know each other?
    2. The "Never Stop Exploring" patch — did you ever come to an iteration with just "Never" / "Stop", top / bottom, respectively? That the patch currently doesn't — but is so close to — honoring the N(orth) / S(outh) directions feels a bit off. Could be just me. I absolutely love every other facet of this patch, though.
    3. What was the hardest part of the site to develop? Or the hardest front-end part at least? (Excellent work by the way, Rogie & others. Love that the curved borders & framing match so well with the brand.)

    Looking forward to what you have up your sleeves! I just signed up to be notified when Command Z restocks. :)

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  • Posted to Show DN: Portfolio — Adrien Gervaix, in reply to Matt Williams , Aug 01, 2016

    Beyond that, the content is hidden by the "locked" class, which is easy enough to remove in the inspector.

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  • Posted to Nintendo re-releases NES as mini console, in reply to Ron Vanman , Jul 14, 2016

    Sure, if you're a Raspberry Pi user/hacker. (Not to mention, in most cases playing ROMS is illegal & doesn't support developers...)

    But this makes for an excellent user-friendly gift, and the money goes to the game makers. Bummer about not being able to add games to it though.

    If Nintendo releases a SNES take on this, I'm biting.

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  • Posted to Bookmark is dead, in reply to Falko Joseph , Jul 06, 2016

    My fear is that some day I'll want to refer to that old link, and despite my years of Google-fu training, I won't be able to find that resource again. So I'm a proponent of Pinboard from a data retention standpoint.

    I super admire your discipline with this approach, though. My Instapaper/Read Later lists are a mile long... :)

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  • Posted to Site Design:, in reply to Duncan Russell , Jun 01, 2016

    He simply mentioned usability and then went on to talk about accessibility – so what? It might not be the most important thing to the majority of site's viewers (I fully agree with you there), but it's still valid criticism.

    Replying "Come on dude", telling him to "lighten up" and accuse him of "taking snide shots" is incredibly juvenile.

    QFT. Except I'd say it's "very credibly juvenile" for the DN community sometimes. A whisper of critique and the place gets real messy, real fast.

    I never created a Dribbble account because of the vast sea of empty, zero-critique comments. "Great job!" "Looks amazing!" — this does nothing for artists but inflate their pride — let's be honest, that's the last thing we need. (Or at least that's the case for yours truly. :)

    It's hard to get tone & inflection through text on the web, so a statement like

    It’s visually pleasing but not sure about the usability.

    can come off with a certain edge, intended or not. But this statement embodies so much of what I wish I found on DN: "This is great work for these reasons. This could be improved in these ways." In other words, true critique.

    Let's all do our best to not read in to comments but instead try to get to the heart of them. "What do you mean by that / can you explain in more detail?" is a great place to start. (Props to James Young's level reply!)

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  • Posted to Sublime Text 3 has been released, in reply to J. C. , Jun 01, 2016

    I'd guess your local version doesn't have that character — or maybe that character at that weight & style — something I've seen a few times on TypeKit.

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