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  • Posted to Ask DN : How to adopt a Design System?, Dec 29, 2017

    We faced the same challenge at Panera Bread over a year ago. We wanted to start our own Panera design system that could scale across all of our digital (and potentially in-café) experiences.

    The answer that we found is that there is no right answer. @Eliot Slevin's point about iterating is spot on. At Panera we decided to utilize Google's Material Design system as our own starting point. Through our design process we constantly iterated and evaluated what parts of MD worked for us, and which parts didn't. Over a year later we have something that is pretty decent. It isn't perfect, but there's a structure to it that has really been working for us!

    A few other existing design systems: Airbnb Design, Apple's iOS/macOS Human Interface Guidelines, IBM Design Language, Microsoft's Fluent Design System.

    Remember that creating a scalable, flexible, and future-proof design framework takes a lot of time and hard work. So embrace the challenge and enjoy the process of carving out your own design system, one step at a time

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