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  • Posted to Is anyone using Invision Studio for production work?, Nov 09, 2018

    Hey Dino,

    We are using Figma and Haiku combined and it’s amazing.

    Our studio was purely Sketch, Zeplin, After effects based, but now Figma & Haiku massively speed up our workflow.

    Both are way more friendly as you can get JSON, React code.

    Hope that helps!


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  • Posted to Ask DN : How to adopt a Design System?, in reply to Nick W , Jan 03, 2018

    Hi Nick,

    To answer your last question, the single source of truth is usually JSON files in Git repo. This is the single source of truth that then syndicates any changes to the entire product portfolio. There are many ways to do this, but it’s getting easier with the latest version of Sketch app.

    I guess the most important thing to do is align with development from the off. This way they can start finding out the most efficient way of bringing in UI elements from Sketch App or Figma.

    After a while development should have the base JSON to create elements that you can then start composing, (a bit like this: ).

    The aim is to pair your design ops with dev ops. I’ve only had experience creating this from scratch, but a few folks are starting to create UI kits that really help development e.g.

    If you are struggling with aligning development, these are great resources to share with your design and dev team:

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  • Posted to Ask DN : How to adopt a Design System?, in reply to ahder junior , Jan 03, 2018

    A ‘hero’ project is a smaller or simpler chunk of a larger platform, service or system, that is used to exemplify excellence.

    For example, a human capital management platform might have many different digital products or platforms. The idea here would be to pick one and redesign (using a user-centred approach and design system thinking) to exemplify what good looks like and prove that the design system works seamlessly with DevOps.

    I realise that this is mainly the case with enterprise projects. Not necessarily needed for smaller projects.

    Hope that helps!


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  • Posted to Ask DN : How to adopt a Design System?, Dec 29, 2017

    Hi Ahder,

    We’ve had most success designing the foundations first and then approaching chunks (which then feeds back into the foundations).

    The biggest thing here is make sure you align with development and DevOps (if the team has that capability). It’s important to have one single source of truth that can be iterated upon both in terms of front end dev and product design team members.

    You could also start with a ‘hero’ project if the redesign is large/enterprise scale, (to prove the value of living design systems).

    Any questions, let me know, happy to add further detail.


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