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  • Posted to Pentagram Case Study on the Slack Rebrand, in reply to Don Citarella , Jan 17, 2019

    ooh see now THAT'S a valid criticism, I didn't notice that at first but that's gnarly. I'm disappointed in how vapid and cranky most of this design criticism is - we can at least pick at details like this that our trade gives us the skill to look for!

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  • Posted to Slack new logo!, in reply to Sven Loskill , Jan 17, 2019

    shockingly bad is subjective - slack hired them and liked the result. if it doesn't hurt product use or sales, then it's hard to make the argument that it matters. especially the kind of spit-flying arguments that john gruber has been making today.

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  • Posted to Slack new logo!, Jan 16, 2019

    It's fine - I doubt their logo in and of itself matters too much to their business and everyone will forget it's different in a couple months. This one solves a lot of problems from a consistency and versatility standpoint too. My only gripe is the dark purple background they're using with it a lot - it makes the colors look muddy and is super low-contrast. Not great for an icon you want to find easily many times a day. I would prefer it on white.

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  • Posted to New year, new CSS-Tricks redesign – 2019, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Jan 15, 2019

    you don't have to wear the "troll" hat

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  • Posted to Slimvoice: Insanely simple invoicing., Jan 10, 2019

    "See how it works" leading you to an incredibly dense help document instead of a marketing page is... bold!

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  • Posted to Square Footage Calculator - A quick holiday design project. , Jan 09, 2019

    Feels like solving a problem that doesn't exist, at least for the simpler shapes - I think there's probably something here that would be making a task easier, but for just calculating square footage, popping x*y into the calculator, google, or siri is much faster than using combination mouse and keyboard to enter those values.

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  • Posted to Microsoft Icons - Simplicity & Harmony, Dec 20, 2018

    The icons themselves are nowhere to be found on this page.

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  • Posted to My new portfolio website is out! Share your feedback., in reply to Calin Balea , Dec 17, 2018

    Personal preference, but I noticed some mockups have lorem ipsum, which was a turn-off. I would find some real writing to put in there - to me lorem ipsum = unfinished.

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  • Posted to We made this beautiful budget calculator so agencies won't have to deal with Excel anymore. Feedback? , Dec 14, 2018

    I suspect everyone has their own fastest methods for calculating that the free grid of Excel handles well, after a lot of setup. Did you talk to a lot of people to figure out what their needs are? My initial instinct is that this would slow me down and I'd be doing a lot of the same task over and over, whereas a spreadsheet enables lots of duplication of values, quick copy/paste, starting from a template, etc.

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  • Posted to Gal Shir, Dec 06, 2018

    Why is it responsive everywhere except mobile sizes?

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