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  • Posted to How much RAM do we need for design?, Nov 15, 2019

    Counterpoint to everything in this thread so far - 8 is fine practically. Of course more will be better but I have 8 and rarely notice performance issues unless I'm in some weird workflow where I've got Sketch plus half the Creative Suite open.

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  • Posted to Free shots mockups for Dribbble and Instagram, Sep 25, 2019

    Shouldn't you be able to design your own layouts like these if you're, you know, a designer... showing off your designs...

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  • Posted to New Yahoo! logo, in reply to Jim Silverman , Sep 23, 2019

    22.5 is just 90 degrees divided by 4. dressing it up as something scientific or new is typical pentagram/design over-justification in general.

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  • Posted to To-do app for macOS. Made essential., in reply to Matteo Montolli , Sep 23, 2019

    San Francisco, the native system font, would be a better default in my opinion. Apps forcing their brand into my tools always grinds my gears.

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  • Posted to How can I make a skewed video to fit into a prespective mac container image?, Aug 29, 2019

    You could use CSS 3D transforms to do this as well if you don't want to "bake-in" the iMac into the video file.

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  • Posted to How we design without designers, Aug 26, 2019

    spoiler, they became designers.

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  • Posted to What's the story behind your portfolio/personal logo?, Aug 14, 2019

    Big fan of rules, systems, grids, etc. so it made sense to me to go for a logo that was geometric with precise measurements and some aspects of a ruleset and grid system. Came up with this many years ago and refined it a couple years back:

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  • Posted to Top 10 most deadly CSS mistakes made by new and experienced designers, Aug 07, 2019

    "People love to extol the “mobile first” philosophy but they forget that “mobile first” implies desktop is a second-class citizen. Instead, the “mobile first” champions behave in the opposite manner, by writing code for desktop first and then later trying to cram the site into a phone. They use @media queries to handle the exceptional cases on mobile, but really desktop should be the exceptional case."

    This doesn't make any sense. You're not extolling mobile first if you're designing desktop first.

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  • Posted to Trouble - Free Sans Serif Font, Aug 07, 2019

    Needs a lot of work to be a usable font, I think, but I do like the vibe. I'm not sure its intentional, but it looks very handmade and reminiscent of sign-painting for practical, non-design uses.

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