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  • Posted to What I think of Google's new search results page, Jul 02, 2019

    I'm no longer using Google for searches. I use DuckDuckGo.

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  • Posted to Affinity Publisher has finally launched, Jun 20, 2019

    Affinity is doing some great work. At work I will be stuck with Adobe.

    I know everyone probably has a wish list for Affinity. Mine would be to not make Designer more like Sketch/XD, but make a separate Sketch/XD like app. I would also like a Dreamweaver replacement as well as a chart app that could replace the clunky old chart function in Adobe Illustrator.

    I do plan to purchase Publisher soon and get a personal start at unsubscribing to my design life.

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  • Posted to Pushing Design & Code Down the Priority List, May 29, 2019

    It seems that this is a natural progression for you. You're growing and maturing and see that you want something different to do. Good for you.

    Personally, I have been working professionally as a graphic designer since 1990. I'm just now being pushed to do more and more digital. That's fine. And I'm sure the pendulum will continue to swing on all these things.

    I love being a designer. I love helping solve the problems of visually communicating a message — especially if that's a good message. I don't want to stop designing. I don't want to run a business. I want to design to help businesses and mostly people communicate their messages. There are many ways to do that. Print is still very, very viable if used in effective ways. Digital is dominating now, but won't forever. People are getting sick of being tied to their devices.

    Let's all work for good. Shall we?

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  • Posted to Adobe XD Release May 2019: Design systems, components, and so much more, in reply to Mike Schwartz , May 14, 2019

    Oh, okay. What I have read so far only mentions sharing via the cloud. If I can do local sharing — especially to myself for new documents — than I am good. Thanks.

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  • Posted to Adobe XD Release May 2019: Design systems, components, and so much more, May 14, 2019

    Cloud, cloud, cloud. Disappointed that the only way to share / load assets is from a cloud document. Why can't I simply load assets / colors / styles / etc. from a base document on my desktop or server? Just like as I do in InDesign. Believe it or not, the world doesn't live in the cloud.

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  • Posted to What's going on with DesignerNews?, May 06, 2019

    I think taking the down votes off would be a good start. If I don't like something, I am obviously not going to up vote it. I will just ignore it.

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  • Posted to Which tool are you using to manage your designtasks per project and how do you organize them?, Apr 24, 2019

    I work on an in-house team in financial services. Currently we use Robohead. It's pretty powerful and probably pricey. We almost selected FunctionFox, but at the time Robohead provided more flexibility in building project briefs and reports. I would take a close look at FunctionFox to see if it meets your needs.

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  • Posted to 1 week into my new job and I'm thinking about quitting., Apr 12, 2019

    Just a sidebar…

    To give an idea life you FLESH it out. To FLUSH it out would be to discard it completely.

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  • Posted to Designers who are 40 plus, how are you..., Apr 10, 2019

    I'm a late bloomer. I didn't start until I was 30. Now I'm 58. About 22 years of my career have been working on two different in-house teams. Good stuff. Good hours. Good benefits.

    I am presently trying to add more and more digital skills to my tool set. I'm just getting started — in html, css, UI, animation.

    I hope to move from where I am now to either another in-house position or with a firm that can use my abilities in collaboration with others. I expect this could mean a pay cut since I am presently a novice in some areas.

    Management? That's not for me. I really like working with others and for others. But my skills are better suited to actually designing rather than directing/promoting/growing a team.

    As I get older, if I'm unable to find a permanent position, I expect I will do contract/temp work through an agency of some sort.

    I'm on my second marriage. I told my present wife before we got married that graphic designers don't retire, they just do fewer projects. I plan to stick to that. So…

    Exit strategy: death. [But I believe I still have several years to run.]

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  • Posted to Best design feedback tool for Sketch?, Mar 27, 2019

    I'm just getting started in Sketch, so what do I know. And this is kind of old school, but couldn't you export the art boards to PDF? Then the client can comment in Acrobat and pass back. It would think this would work securely and safely — especially corporate, in-house.

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