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  • Posted to Would love your feedback on the new Ceros Blog design!, Nov 26, 2015

    It loads very quickly, that's rather refreshing.

    I'm not a fan of those layers screaming SUBSCRIBE!!! barely a second after I loaded the page … find them rather annoying and usually leave any site that uses them. I mean, give me at least time to check if your content is interesting before you push a signup form in my face! ;-)

    Also not cool on smaller screens (like the 15" MBP I'm using right now) is that by using fixed header and footer bars you are effectively blocking a lot of screen real estate. Remember: the user also has a browser address bar, likely a bookmarks bar and the system OS navigation bar on top of yours. All in all, a third of my screen is now clogged up with navigation bars and I get to see very little of your actual content. You did better on the main site. The double footer, especially the light grey part on top of the actual footer, is a bit overkill. Have you tried to fold it on rollover, so it doesn't take up that much room? I also noticed that while your site works on mobile, you don't really optimise it for mobile. I get shown too much information I don't really need to have while on the go.

    The font choices are nice, a bit light maybe, but they work well with the overall look and feel. I like a light and clean layout. The images are stock meh, but you already said you'll address that, so that's good (let me know if you need an illustrator ;-)). The content has no pizzaz, though. I don't find anything here I haven't read a thousand times. What's unique about your company? Where are your case studies?

    When I click on the hamburger menu to filter the articles – I choose “Design Best Practises” – I'm in for a nasty surprise: not only are the articles on average 6 months old, but the hamburger menu icon has vanished, too. Huh. Okay, I decide to deal with that later and click on an article, but then I'm really in a cul-de-sac: No menubar on top, no menubar in the footer, no hamburger icon anywhere, no breadcrumbs – HELP! How do I go back? Okay, I can always use my browser back button, but I don't think I should have to.

    So, for now I'd say: It looks nice, yes, but it doesn't work for me. I see no incentive to return. Sorry, if this sounds a bit grim, and I know I'm far from perfect myself, but I don't think a “well done, mate” would help you here.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What do you do, when client wants to copy other design?, Aug 13, 2014

    Walk away. No, actually don’t walk – run!

    Tell him as politely as you can that you’re not in the copying business. That copying other designer’s stuff is not only ethically and legally questionable and could land the both of you in hot waters, but also reflects his business poorly. Plus, it’s terribly boring and you’re not interested.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Print magazine's that are about design!?, Jul 28, 2014

    Graphis hast been around forever, I've been a subscriber since the early 80's: They're originally based in Switzerland but moved to NYC later, still ship internationally though (I'm in Hamburg, Germany).

    Communication Arts is good, too, especially the annuals.

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