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  • Posted to My first product from scratch, in reply to Thomas Michael Semmler , Sep 24, 2019

    Hey. Thanks for your feedback, all very valid points to flag,

    All of the services we've listed are fake, they're designed to understand what people may need assistance with. Having this 'painted door' means we don't actually have to create all these services.

    All the services we've listed are services that other immigration services offer - can't stress enough, we're just using this to gleam some feedback.

    Currently you need to either invest huge amount of time understanding the requirements or blindly invest heavily in legal assistance. Without doing your homework there's no way to scanning whole categories of visas you may be eligible for free, it's the sort of thing a lawyer will charge $100 for a 20 minute conversation.

    Our ultimate goal is to help people discover and influence their visa options. Hope our MVP currently demonstrates that functionality.

    The feedback you've given is a strong indication that we shouldn't offer these services for our next iteration, this will definitely influence our next test.

    Thanks for sharing, exactly the sort of thing we're looking for.

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  • Posted to My first product from scratch, Sep 22, 2019

    Hey Designer News.

    I’ve been working in design/product for nearly 10 years now, and I’ve always aspired to create my own product/service.

    So here it goes… I’ve finally managed to team up with some like minded people and found Possible. Possible is a decision making engine that matches tech/design professionals to the visas they need to work in the US.

    We’re at a very early stage and this is our first MVP, figured DN would be a great place to get some much needed feedback.

    Thanks in advance, Tyler.

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  • Posted to Please feedback: 16 ways to create highly converting forms, in reply to Dan Bar-Shalom , Sep 10, 2019

    At the moment I work closely with a service designed to help people switch energy to cheaper providers.

    Some of questions users need to answer in order to complete their task are quite complex.

    We've replaced sliders that were used to enter usage details with text fields and seen positive results.

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  • Posted to Please feedback: 16 ways to create highly converting forms, Jul 15, 2019

    Probably specific to my audience, but in all of the tests I've ran optimising forms for conversion - Using sliders have always had a negative impact.

    Using conditional logic for questions and breaking into steps have given us our biggest wins in conversion terms.

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  • Posted to How do I become a Senior Designer? , Nov 22, 2018

    I've been working in design industry (client side) for around 10 years - Started as an intern fresh out of university and within 4 years I has hiring interns for my own team. My personal understanding of being senior is less about time in a role, and more about skills you demonstrate in that role.

    I'm sure it totally depends based on your roles and the kind of companies you've been at, but developing skills allowed me to initiate projects really helped me get to senior level, for me the most important skills for me to pick up were probably the following;

    • Being able to understand, measure and quantify the impact my projects - I found if could do I was able to influence the priority of projects. It also meant I could bring objectivity to often very subjective conversations, this helped me communicate with product/tech/execs and getting their buy in to initiatives.

    • Being comfortable/confident about up-skilling others - albeit hands on direct management, or hands off sharing knowledge and asking the right questions, understanding how to get the best out of others really helps with that progression towards senior design roles.

    • Evangelising user centred design - Interacting with wider business and others that may not have any real understanding about why design is important, and really championing users and the difficulties they face. Replaying feedback and user testing videos to show the progress we could make with solving problems from a users perspective has a massive impact on execs, and seems to add more value to the projects you're trying to initiate.

    Sure it differs for everyone, but in short my emphasis was always on trying to initiate projects that add tangible value and spread the word about benefits of UCD.

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  • Posted to Seeking recommendations on design system website examples, Oct 16, 2018

    IBM's carbon design system is relatively stripped back http://www.carbondesignsystem.com/

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  • Posted to What rucksack / bag do you use?, Oct 16, 2018

    This Ortlieb day pack is best bag i've ever owned. Totally waterproof, easy to get in and out off, can remove the inner storage if you want more space. It's also of fantastic quality, with 2 years of daily use isn't at all tatty.


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