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  • Posted to CSSketch - CSS plugin for Sketch , Oct 16, 2015

    Great tool to bring a little more prototyping power to sketch. Not sure I could 'prefer' to do initial design & concepting with code, for me that is too rigid and slow.

    This tool however is a great way to start refining your design and thinking through how you might develop it.

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  • Posted to Blogs for designers that I love, Oct 16, 2015

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  • Posted to SASS, HAML, and ... ?, in reply to Guy Meyer , Aug 28, 2015


    I was given the task at a previous job of reorganizing a quite large project's stylesheets and compiling an updated styleguide, basically optimizing and giving it a small facelift. I learned quickly that the previous design team had configured codekit 1.x to watch/compile/etc our ~250 sass partials. The reason they used it was because they didn't know much about the command line, build processes, etc, just that they needed their sass compiled to css in an easy way. So they built the platform for ~2 years using Codekit. Codekit 1.x unfortunately at the time was becoming unsupported and did not provide an upgrade path to 2.0, you'd have to re-configure your project to use it. No way to export your includes or dependancies. So essentially, due to the disorganized and monolythic scale of the frontend, moving those stylesheets into a modular process like grunt or gulp was not easy.

    To be fair, it wasn't the tools fault as much as the nature of letting codebases become disorganized. But to be so heavily coupled to a tool managed by one person (who BTW is a fantastic developer and has created a great tool!) for a project as large as the one I was working on (popular .com site, ~5m users, 15-20 person technical team) isn't the best way to go.

    Which is why, I recommend to take some time and learn grunt/gulp/cli tools rather than using codekit/cactus/gui tools - because the extensibility, modularity, portability, and just overall ease of reconfiguration is such an upside to the rigid/proprietary nature of gui tools.

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  • Posted to SASS, HAML, and ... ?, Aug 28, 2015

    To compliment everyone whose already said it, learning grunt/gulp is a huge advantage to speeding up your development process.

    I would encourage you to distance yourself from Codekit as a tool. I've worked on codebases that depend on codekit too much for their build process, and using a more modular toolkit like gulp helps to future-proof projects.

    The other area you might be able to streamline is your dev environment. I used mamp for the longest time, but recently switched to a vagrant configuration. Makes my life so much easier to develop on, and my projects a little more configurable. (ability to spin up an nginx or apache config separately). Perhaps start with's 'Scotchbox' - great way to get a WP environment up and running.

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  • Posted to Bootstrap 4 alpha, Aug 19, 2015

    I've built many sites with bootstrap until I couldn't handle the code bloat/LESS anymore. I've used foundation for two recent client projects, and am really disappointed by how unsupported the majority of their components are. The project itself seems to be losing focus.

    Excited to see consolidation of a few similar components into cards, It's a great UI pattern. Also cool to see the inclusion of a flexbox grid. I think the most exciting thing is the filesize and overall cleanup that has been done. Great work to the team!

    Also, great job releasing the three 'official' themes. Great way for you all to capitalize on your hard work with this project.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Post your desktops, Jul 21, 2015

    Image alt

    I rotate my photos around like daily...

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