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  • Posted to Are you using version control for Sketch? Share your workflow if you are (and your workflow if you aren't!), Mar 21, 2018

    We are using Abstract. It’s like Git specifically for Sketch.

    It works well as long as you remember to always edit files through abstract rather than open them manually via Finder.

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  • Posted to What are some examples of password-less sign-up approaches?, Jan 22, 2018

    The best example of this is Passwordless.

    It uses a temp token to do a one time login, via your email address. The idea is that the email should be secure, so safe to send an access token to. You can set your own timeout on the token but 30 mins should be fine.

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  • Posted to Do you export images in all sizes for a mobile design?, Nov 22, 2017

    1) Yes export the images for all sizes, but you need to compress them to not impact the app size if possible.

    2) You can make this happen automatically by installing Image Optim & the Image Optim plugin for Sketch

    3) Once you install Image Optim. Enable Guetzli in the preferences. Guetzli is a new type of image compressor by Google which removes the data from a picture your eyes can't see. The image itself appears unchanged but it results in a dramatic drop in file size. It works best on JPGs (For your background images).

    Be aware Guetzli is a resource hog and can take a while to compress an image. Image Optim will select the best compression mechanism for your exported image and do this for you so don't worry about having to run the compressor multiple times and check the result.

    Once you have eveything setup you should only need to export your assets as normal from sketch and the rest will happen automatically :-)

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