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  • Posted to Captain Marvel's website is a technological wonder, in reply to Jonatan L , Feb 11, 2019

    Oooh I totally missed that! I could swear the url was pointing at a 404 page when inspecting this, weird :D

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  • Posted to Captain Marvel's website is a technological wonder, Feb 11, 2019

    There's a stan.gif marked as "Stan Lee" in the footer that's missing...don't know if that's intentional... (ಥ﹏ಥ)


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  • Posted to What book are you reading now?, in reply to Adam W , Jan 29, 2019

    These look great, thank you so much! [fistbump-emoji]

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  • Posted to What book are you reading now?, Jan 28, 2019

    Currently reading Hacking Growth which I'm trying to digest slowly as it's really interesting and has insights I can learn a lot from I think.

    Before that, I read Zero to One and Nudge which were also really good reads.

    What I noticed recently is that because I read too fast, not much tends to stick in my head, so this year my approach is to read slowly and develop some sort of a note-taking practice (not sure how to start that yet), where I can gather my thoughts and learnings and take the time to really learn stuff, as most books are really interesting and full of little details that could help me grow.

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  • Posted to Charlie Gray, in reply to Stuart Knezevich , Jan 09, 2019

    It was built by Grafik, you probably know Public Library from them, amazing work!

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  • Posted to Figma's new keyboard shortcut panel & a little geek history on Doug Engelbart and the original 'keyboard shortcuts', in reply to Kip Holcomb , Oct 11, 2018

    Yeah, I was searching for it this week as I'm so used to the interaction from Sketch. After a while, you get used to it, but the Esc is still faster to press though...

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  • Posted to I made a card game/tool for creative badasses, like yourselves., Sep 25, 2018

    Nice! This looks really fun! Will chip in, this seems like something that could help when you're stuck :)

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  • Posted to Abstract Redesign, Sep 06, 2018

    I like it, though at first I thought it was Medium :D

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  • Posted to Visual Idiot retires from the industry, Aug 17, 2018

    It's sad to see Charlotte retiring, but it's a completely understandable choice.

    It seems while there's more talk about how people are overcoming the negatives of the always-connected world and burnout, there are still so many people struggling to keep sane, me included.

    I guess this also depends on your character so I can only talk from my own experience, but I've started cutting back on the whole social media consumption shitshow and trying to enjoy life away from my computer and mobile devices, and it's been a bit better, but the fear of missing something that could help me progress with my career, life or fall behind on something "groundbreaking" is giving me anxiety at times.

    I feel that talking about these sort things is still considered a taboo (or something like that) for some people/societies, but this needs to be talked about. I think most of us are (or were) in a situation like this (some more, some less) and could learn a lot and help each other to overcome this or make it more bearable for some.

    Keep your heads up and don't be shy to ask the people around you for help or advice in situations like this, if only to have someone listen to helps :)

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  • Posted to Capital Minded - Weekly guide to investing for creative people, in reply to Mike Wilson , Jun 21, 2018

    The website and illustrations look NICE!

    Subscribed, thanks for sharing :)

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