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  • Posted to Twitter handles anyone?, Oct 18, 2019

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  • Posted to Best 7 Simple Ways to Make Money Online, in reply to Reece Butler , Oct 17, 2019

    The amount of accounts and posts some of us report, you'd think there were more mods that handle these, but sometimes I think most of these reports go unnoticed. A better flagging system is needed I guess, so posts and accounts like these get temporary removed until an approval, if too many reports have been filled.

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  • Posted to Drama beta is now available, in reply to R. Kamushken , Aug 01, 2019

    I know this is subjective, but why do you think this? To me, the website conveys the information it's supposed to and also looks good. Nor sure "more web design" is needed for a beta launch website in my opinion. I've definitely seen worse :)

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  • Posted to Why Toggle Buttons Are Confusing, Jul 19, 2019

    While I agree with the aspects you write about, I'm not sure making the inactive state lighter (4) is an improvement. At the first glance, I'd think that option is disabled, and thus presented as faded out. Basically, if you'd make the active label bolder, the left option would work better in my opinion.

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  • Posted to Lunacy 4.0. Free graphic software with built-in design resources, in reply to Weston Vierregger , Jul 03, 2019

    I'd say Figma is closer to being "Sketch for Windows" as Lunacy, especially with the upcoming plugins and stuff. Or does Lunacy have something that Sketch has and Figma is lacking? (Honestly curious, I've only tested Lunacy v3, so no clue)

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  • Posted to A testimony to the obsession of typography is changing people’s lives in SF, in reply to M W , Apr 04, 2019

    It's kinda sad that something like an article is "Unavailable For Legal Reasons" just because they don't want to not track their users so they restrict access to basically whole Europe :/


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  • Posted to Computer glasses – best for design?, in reply to Darren Treat , Mar 29, 2019

    The "nightshift" modes on digital devices are great, I think they should be turned on by default on most devices, especially because most non-technical people don't even think about these things and mostly don't touch these settings. The eye strain is reduced quite a bit, I can see by the quality of sleep I get if I have it turned on or off in the evening.

    Having said that, it shouldn't be viewed as a substitute for the glasses. While the blue light is reduced a bit by the digital filter, the glasses actually reduce more than 90% of the blue light that hits your eyes, which is totally awesome. While I don't wear them every day at work, the difference between how tired m eyes get during the day is noticeable in the afternoon when I can relax a bit and don't have to concentrate on the designs and stuff that much.

    Also, because we're staring intensely into a light source most of the time during the work hours, we don't blink as much as we should so the eyes don't get the moisture they need. I'd suggest buying eye drops and try to catch yourself when you've stared into the screen for some time and use them. These don't even have to be expensive, as long as they keep your eyes from drying out they're doing their job.

    I'd totally recommend the glasses and drops if you can afford it. The protection is definitely worth the investment on the long run as you only have one pair of eyes ;)

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  • Posted to After 2 years, I’m finally releasing the first issue of Visions, a sci-fi magazine I’ve edited and designed, in reply to Jared C , Mar 19, 2019


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  • Posted to How do you document the design environment?, in reply to Yasen Dimov , Mar 15, 2019

    I'd be interested in the expanded version ;)

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  • Posted to After 2 years, I’m finally releasing the first issue of Visions, a sci-fi magazine I’ve edited and designed, in reply to Adam Szakal , Mar 15, 2019

    Thank you!

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