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  • Posted to Material UI, Nov 11, 2014

    the input forms are awesome!

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  • Posted to I Hope Twitter Goes Away, in reply to Jeremy Wells , Oct 31, 2014

    I wondered why that nav is (now) off center.

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  • Posted to Pocket Guide to Writing SVG (free ebook), Oct 31, 2014

    Glad to see this finally came out. svg always blows my mind a bit, because graphics written in xml.

    A better title is perhaps "Pocket Guide to Writing SVG (free html version)" -- i clicked and couldn't wait to download the pdf.

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  • Posted to Web design basics with BASSCSS, Oct 31, 2014


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  • Posted to Full Screen Vertical Scroller (FSVS), Oct 28, 2014

    Hey Luke Snowden you've got some cool repositories of useful stuff, thanks!

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  • Posted to What was your big CSS aha moment?, Oct 24, 2014

    My first laptop, bar wifi, a pint of guinness, and viewing source on a site a client liked.

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  • Posted to The CSS that you know nothing about , Oct 24, 2014

    Some resources for further exploration of :root and the (hopefully) forthcoming CSS custom properties recommendation:

    • W3C's working draft of CSS Custom Properties for Cascading Variables Module (a surprisingly easy read)
    • Rework - a node css preprocessing framework (partly by the dude who brought us normalize.css)
    • Rework vars - the Rework plugin for enacting the above W3C syntax
    • Suit CSS - some "other shit" that I don't exactly understand yet; "style tools for component-based UI development"; via the Rework camp
    • Basscss - cool ass oocss library, the new v4 implements Rework in place of Sass.

    Happy learning

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  • Posted to – Rothko recreated with CSS Filters, Oct 15, 2014

    nice lil nugget in the 'About' popup:

    "Like most of the internet it doesn't serve a real purpose. But it is nice to look at. Just like art."

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  • Posted to A to Z CSS, Oct 14, 2014

    A series of smart & brief (~ 5 mins) video screencasts covering 26 CSS topics from A to Z.

    I'd hesitate to call it only for beginners. The authors goes in depth on some common as well as uncommon topics. See for example "Widows", "Unicode Range", "Pseudo Elements", "@Keyframes", and "IDs" (which shows why folks argue against using ids).

    I've learned a bit from this series. Props to the author Guy Routledge.

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  • Posted to CSS Color Names in Rainbow Order, Oct 13, 2014

    Nice layout. Don't forget about

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