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  • Posted to How are your product/scrum teams organized?, Nov 30, 2018

    I work at a large company we are organized under programs and projects. Each program is a collection of project teams and each project team is a individual cross-functional team. Our program sits together on the same floor, but individuals sit with other folks with a similar roles. So two designers from different projects might sit in one office.

    I think this works well because you interface with your project teams daily per scrum and standup and you can ask your office mates for assistance or thoughts and everyone is generally accessible because they are on the same floor.

    We have created a few meetup groups (developer, designer, communications, book club, ect) that have been useful to share project process, wins and lessons learned. We have found they the most beneficial when the meetups intermingle. Some are once a week and others are once a month and some are quarterly. The meet ups have been very successful with our culture, giving other teams an awareness of what others are doing and a efficient way to introduce new employees to the program. We also use these meet ups to introduce new or updated process or guidance that is to be implemented at a program level. It

    We have not been very successful at reaching out to other programs. I have found larger cross program meetups to be overly simple or not as interesting. They generally devolve more into very large socials. I will occasionally interact or reach out to another program but it's usually because I personally know that team.

    Interesting question

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  • Posted to What software do you use for tracking design issues? , in reply to Christian Behrens , May 15, 2017

    Similar answer. Jira is used at work and ASANA for freelance. I utilize Invision for both.

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  • Posted to What are your favorite design-related books?, May 23, 2014

    Popular Lies About Graphic Design was a fun quick read.

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  • Posted to Griddify - Photoshop plugin for grids, May 21, 2014

    I was wondering how the video was so crisp. Great presentation, excited to see what they do next.

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