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  • Posted to Design movements in personal websites and other media, in reply to Bevan Stephens , Jul 11, 2018

    I completely agree. I’m not complaining though. I just find it interesting that when designing my own website, I find myself doing what could have been a corporate branding exercise with shortcuts, with similar results.

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  • Posted to Design movements in personal websites and other media, in reply to Gavin McFarland , Jul 11, 2018

    Cool, thanks!

    Perhaps I’m just looking for something that doesn’t exist. That imperfection or personal idiosyncrasies can only consciously be added (like with hand drawn figures and lettering), often requiring professional skills. Leaving things unstyled often just makes it look either broken or, I realized later, corporate. See Ultimate Paperclips. I remember now some music festivals websites trying to look very unbusinesslike while maintaining a toughness that you don’t see on entertainment brand websites.

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  • Posted to Design movements in personal websites and other media, in reply to Gavin McFarland , Jul 10, 2018

    Good points, and I believe open source theming would be close to your analogy. And web rings, remember those?

    I wrote a rambly post about how I don’t really know what the role should be of personal websites when almost everything is commercial. I certainly see value in them, because of independence, creative options, privacy and just because I like variety.

    In addition to the question in the OP, I’m looking for examples for my own website and I just find it difficult to find any website that doesn’t look like a company website. Meaning: personal, human, special.

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  • Posted to Do you use website builders for your porfilio?, Jul 10, 2018

    I had WordPress before and starting something new with Jekyll, because the old site was falling apart. WP is great, and it is tempting to make a huge website with all the free plugins and stuff. But with these dependencies it’s hard to maintain a site once they’re no longer updated.

    Are you Considering to build your own website as well? I would probably advise the use out of the website builders to most people. Unless you want to learn building websites and demonstrate your skills. I just love making websites and don’t mind spending more time on the design and development than on the content.

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  • Posted to 3 Practical Cheat Sheets For Designing Attention Grabbing UIs, Jul 09, 2018

    Not bad! This part is weird though:

    —— “About 74% of the time was spent in the top two screenfuls of content (the information above the fold plus the screenful immediately below the fold). The remaining 26% was spent in small increments further down the length of the page.”

    Based on this data, we need to put the highest priority content above the fold.


    I just read the source of the quote and it says 57% of viewing time is spent above the fold. But that number includes search results pages and short pages that may only be one screen height tall.

    Since the position of the fold depends on the users screen, browser and settings, I don’t find it a helpful concept. The study shows something more important (and obvious) though: the higher on the page you put some info, the more likely it will be seen.

    We should be aware of these results being an effect of content designers putting important stuff at the top for years now.

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  • Posted to Is it possible to give text an inside stroke using CSS?, Jul 02, 2018

    Yes, with inner shadow and clipping: https://mayvendev.com/blog/inner-shadows-in-css-images-text-and-beyond

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  • Posted to Are Teams More or Less Productive When Slack is Down?, Jul 01, 2018

    Why not both!? Typical Hawthorne Effect situation, I think.

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  • Posted to Libraries — { Everything Is A Component }, Jun 24, 2018

    I wouldn’t mind learning some new UI patterns if that means I can make better, more advanced designs than the dumbed down screen-based tools let me!

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  • Posted to Startup explainer videos can cost $50k — $500k! So we made a game instead., in reply to Brett Hellman , Jun 24, 2018

    I LOVE the idea! Although the game didn’t make me understand better what you offer, it does give me the impression it will be fun!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Where to buy illustrations for websites? , Jun 16, 2018

    Please consider this: https://www.subtraction.com/2018/01/03/two-different-kinds-of-illustration/

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