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  • Posted to Drama beta is now available, Aug 01, 2019

    Just spent 10 minutes playing around. Super simple to use, but hit a couple blockers with the desktop app crashing (tried to duplicate a shape to a different layer) and the mirror app crashes every time I try to open it.

    Will wait for these bugs to get fixed before I explore more.

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  • Posted to Drama - the ultimate all-in-one UI design tool. , Jul 24, 2019

    Design, prototype & animate all in 1 tool. If they added 'share' at the end (see Figma) I miiiiight look to shift. But, so far Figma is my tool of choice.

    Re. name, agree - negative connotation (no no drama, we don't want no drama drama).

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  • Posted to 20 year timelapse of (1999-2019), in reply to Thom Stoodley , Jul 15, 2019

    They were so close too!

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  • Posted to ASK: What's the size of design team in your company?, Jun 27, 2019

    5 designers (2 UX, 3 Graphic Designers) ~ 1,500 employees. Would explain more but I'm too busy, sorry.

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  • Posted to Appradius website design , Jun 13, 2019

    The get started cta on the case study is a bit strange - feels a bit pushy. Top nav is clunky. component panels on the homepage feel disconnected.

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  • Posted to UI patterns for the GDPR and user consent, in reply to Ryan Glover , May 30, 2018

    Hey Ryan, what did you like about this example?

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