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  • Posted to Ask DN: Lightweight alternatives to Evernote?, Sep 30, 2014

    I just use the native Mac Notes app. Full text search and I can include images etc. Available on all my devices and it "just works"

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How long do you take to design a webpage?, in reply to James Delaney , Aug 22, 2014


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  • Posted to Ask DN: How long do you take to design a webpage?, Aug 22, 2014

    EDIT: I see I am getting lots of people visit my invis.io link. Don't just drop by and leave - I am ravenous about feedback; let me know what you think so I can improve! :)

    I am just getting into design. My first real go at a proper website will go live soon. A live demo is at http://www.waynehaworth.com/cf/index.html. The homepage took about 8 hours or so but that was including coming up with the layout etc.

    Another design I am working on took me a couple of days. You can see it here http://invis.io/5MS3FYBF

    As an aside, I find it better just to skip official wire framing and do a rough mockup in Sketch. As I only do pretty simple sites (so far!) this seems to work well.

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  • Posted to New Wunderlist App, Jul 10, 2014

    What about a "geo-list" feature? The equivalent of leaving a note someplace for others to pickup and read. You could walk past a famous statue and receive a 'crowd-constructed' note from several others who have taken the time to tell you some interesting facts.

    If you have played Dark Souls, think of the way players could leave notes for each other.

    "To kill boss, do this, then that and then that - oh and watch out for this bit"

    Does a list have to necessarily have to be something which is 'ticked off' or completed? Why not a step by step list, a plan of action, or something else entirely?

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  • Posted to New Wunderlist App, in reply to Matt Stuhff , Jul 10, 2014

    edit: I keep coming back to my post - I don't want this to seem like I am knocking you guys! You build some of the most beautiful software. When I first saw version 2 I made sure everyone on my team had it installed; I got the impression that hundreds of hours had gone into the design, you really sweat the details.

    I have just come off the back of reading Jony Ive's biography and your product was one of the software designs I thought of when thinking about other companies who care about this shit.


    Your product looks great but I am going through a bit of a "back to basics" movement and finding the whole approach quite satisfying.

    Relying on the native iOS and OSX Reminders applications - when linked tightly with Siri, are more than enough for what I need.

    I already get:

    Synced notes across all my devices via iCloud

    Share notes with friends

    Tight geo-location support (I get prompts to buy things on my shopping list when I go near specific stores)

    Repeat, re-occurring reminders for things (Monthly reports, putting the bins out!)

    WL really does look great, but the benefit you get by sticking to the native offerings is too great for me at the moment.

    BTW, does the new Wunderlist have Siri integration?

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  • Posted to Coffitivity, May 19, 2014

    A few of use this at the office; it is great for blocking out distracting conversation.

    Try pairing this up with some background rain or a storms track, it sounds wonderfully immersive.

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