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  • Posted to How Much Does it Cost To Develop an App Like Airbnb? , in reply to Aubrey Johnson , Nov 02, 2017

    Hello Aubrey,

    Thanks for the comment.

    You are indeed correct. Development is the lengthy process and it can not be concluded with limited things.

    With our Blog - we are guiding those people who are trying their luck with new startup with new concept so that they can avoid being cheated from stupid freelancers or other gigantic companies. They must remain aware that how much time it can take to include such features in their application so based on that they can plan their budget.

    Airbnb do invest money in marketing, collaborations, discounts to their client, and development/upgradation of their mobile/web applications too so obviously to have the business like Airbnb you need a lot of money because Airbnb is not only about having a small mobile/web application.

    Do you really think - when Airbnb was a startup company, had that much funding to manage all the things? - They must started from a drop of water means “with limited budget”. Also, you must know that when your website start getting users, then only investors show some interest to fund you, without users, investors will not even yawn at you.

    Here we just wanted to inform you - what mention in our blog is based on our experience we face in our daily work with many clients.

    Today every second people get new idea which they connect with technology so we are helping them with correct information so they can keep their balls rolling.

    Hereby I request you to refer our blog again once - it will open your eyes for sure.

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