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  • Posted to Adobe XD Release May 2019: Design systems, components, and so much more, May 16, 2019 is an improvement, and I appreciate it...but at the same time:

    • Still no dark mode (in backlog since July 2016).One of the most upvoted requests.
    • Still no way to export an artboard only in a desired size (e.g. export only 2x version), like Sketch (In review since March 2016).

    But now...we have support for Xbox One controllers. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Posted to What desktop screen sizes do you design for?, Jan 24, 2019

    To start, I usually use a 1140 grid as reference, which ensures that it will work well on the majority of laptop screens. That said, the layout may be flexible, so it looks great on anything between 1024 (iPad landscape) and 1440, where it stops expanding.

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