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  • Posted to Help me pick a new monitor!, in reply to Jordan Little , Jan 28, 2018

    I had one of these at my old work. Best monitor I've ever used!

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  • Posted to Kickstarter's new design, brutalist or minimalist?, in reply to anthony thomas , Nov 19, 2017

    Yeah, this doesn't feel like Kickstarter at all. The green they switched to was nice, but the previous one was iconic. It feels like a totally different website now.

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  • Posted to Photon Design System, Nov 09, 2017

    I've been using the new Firefox beta (v57) for about a month now. It's the first version I've liked more than Chrome - not only is the UI design way better than it used to be, but it's also super responsive and light on memory. Don't regret switching at all.

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  • Posted to Apple releases new identity for Apple Music, Nov 07, 2017

    This is almost the same concept as this (better) Google Play campaign from 2014. Bit too close I reckon

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  • Posted to AIGA Design Census 2017, Nov 05, 2017

    Felt a bit weird entering my salary in ~100pt type on my office computer...

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  • Posted to What is the perf laptop for switching from OS X to Windows?, Oct 23, 2017

    I have the Surface Pro. I had a Macbook Pro/Air previously, which I loved, but the Surface is the best computer I've ever used.

    I use Figma at the moment instead of Sketch and it's equally amazing.

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  • Posted to New Ebay Logo Color System , Oct 18, 2017

    This has already been around for a while. We've got full billboards here that've had this style since well before Dropbox rebranded.

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  • Posted to I Quit Facebook—and You Should, Too, Oct 15, 2017

    Good on you! Everyone I know (including myself) that has tried to leave Facebook cold turkey has always jumped back on board again after a couple months. It's this behemoth that's now become the de-facto way that a lot of people communicate, and removing yourself from that can be really isolating.

    The real issue with Facebook is the news feed. It's engineered to be totally addictive and present you with an endless stream of content. The solution to kill the negative parts of FB is to unfollow all people, pages and groups so my news feed is completely empty.

    I did this two years ago, and it helped me to see Facebook purely as a tool, using it only when I need to.

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  • Posted to I Got Rejected by Apple Music… So I Redesigned It, May 10, 2017

    This is surprisingly good and well thought through. Some great additions and improvements.

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  • Posted to Should I use a QR code? A bot can help you decide, Feb 10, 2017

    This makes a bit of a blanket statement. In many western countries, QR codes don't have much use. But if you're marketing/working with users from China or similar, you absolutely should consider using QR codes.

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