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  • Posted to Figma now has Overlays, Dec 03, 2018

    Always impressed with the delivery speed of the Figma team! This is great, and something I always experience pain with in InVision. (On overlays, it's hard to get those additional actions to perform as you'd expect).

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  • Posted to Flinto vs. Principle in late 2018?, in reply to Fredo Tan , Nov 30, 2018

    Have seen it mentioned a few times before. How does it compare to Principle or Flinto?

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  • Posted to How are your product/scrum teams organized?, Nov 30, 2018

    So, our company is in a really interesting place right now. We're building a multi-million dollar analytics product, that serves as a replacement for legacy products as well as making huge improvements. When we first started building this and when I first joined, our company was still trying to figure out how agile fit into our heavy data analytics structure. As time has gone on, more of the business has seen the value of iterative approach to design and development.

    Our "scrum" team is technically "scrumban", so basically we keep feeding our current streams with work when we have openings to pick up new and estimated stories.

    Our UX team of 6 are integrated heavily in this delivery team. We work cross-functionally alongside business analysts, product folks, full stack developers, front-end developers. It's definitely a team effort. We use MS Teams to communicate and handle our daily stand-ups and so we're able to stay in sync when part of the team is remote. This definitely presents its challenges. There are a lot of moving parts. Just our scrum team has roughly 30 folks on it. It's a VERY large team.

    With regard to UX, we definitely have a seat at the table. To get buy-in from both developers and a few key stakeholders, we'll usually hold design showcases where we share out some of the stuff we're working on so developers can have some idea of what's coming down the pipeline. We'll also get tech feasibility feedback so we know if what we're working on might be too expensive. Then, we'll be pretty much testing (sometimes via paper prototypes) often every week. It's definitely really great to be integrated as a designer and a part of such a diverse team!

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  • Posted to Whimsical Sticky Notes (just launched!), Nov 16, 2018

    Love this. Have been looking to an alternative to Mural - I just felt their cost was a bit much. This incorporates everything I've been looking for! As someone else said, the polish and cleanliness of the design rocks! Great work.

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  • Posted to How do you find open source projects to contribute to?, Nov 03, 2018

    There was something posted on here a while back... I can't remember the name of the site for the life of me. But, it was the concept of like finding designers for side projects people are working on. I'll see if I can dig it up.

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  • Posted to Introducing Padding in Sketch with Anima, Oct 31, 2018

    But does it work with nested symbols?! (I'm seeing no, unfortunately). Still great work, team! Looking forward to trying it out.

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  • Posted to Paul Macgregor - Works, Oct 12, 2018

    Wow Paul, impressed by your work (realized I've seen most of it around and/or used it at one point or another) and I love this pared down approach to the portfolio. It's very focused, clean, and effective. Great stuff! Did you build it yourself, or work alongside a dev?

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  • Posted to Paddy plugin discontinued. Sketch building native support., Oct 04, 2018

    I'll miss you Paddy :(

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  • Posted to Figma Announces Figma to Sketch Export Competition with $15K in Prizes, in reply to Johan Ronsse , Oct 02, 2018

    This was the first thing that came to my mind, as well. Spec work isn't cool...

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  • Posted to Just stepped up my Sketch game..., Aug 30, 2018

    Have you noticed any increase in efficiency? To me, I can easily accomplish all of these actions using macros I've set with Keyboard Maestro, or just memorizing the built in shortcuts in Sketch. It just seems like a pain to jump back and forth between two different keyboards, in addition to the mouse.

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