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  • Posted to Should You Work Remote as a Designer?, Nov 26, 2019

    The title is clickbait and not answered in the content. Very generic post about what remote is and some overly broad advice.

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  • Posted to Sketch 60 is out with a new Components Panel, Nov 12, 2019

    Not in Sketch 60 but this piqued my interest as a coming soon:

    Design Linting — Bring your style guide to life and set ensure consistency with rules and warnings right inside every Sketch document.

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  • Posted to Adobe XD introduces Coediting, Document History & Component States, Nov 06, 2019

    Can someone explain in their own words why component states are better than multiple, similarly-named components? I fail to see the advantage here besides grouping things in one menu…

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  • Posted to Stop relying solely on static prototypes, Oct 04, 2019

    Good food for thought. Any ideas on the tradeoffs of the time to make static vs dynamic prototypes?

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  • Posted to Ask Product Designers →, in reply to Anthony Irwin , Oct 04, 2019

    Good perspective. But to be fair, doesn't designing for scale have downsides of its own? Being able to focus on specific segments and create solutions for precise personas or with specific jobs to be done in mind is invaluable. I wonder how much of that happens for customers or users of organizations the size of Google and Microsoft. Broad solutions aren't an automatically better approach.

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  • Posted to A Better Designer/Developer Workflow with InVision's Design System Manager, Sep 24, 2019

    Enterprise only. With additional pricing even if you're already paying for InVision Enterprise.

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  • Posted to Sponsor: Abstract enables you to track the who, what, why, and when of every design decision., in reply to Michael Rurka , Jul 26, 2019

    I'm an Abstract user on a team of 5 designers. Abstract simply asks for branch names or commit messages just like git does.

    Naming conventions also exist in git, where they are also often ignored or very easy to deviate from without penalty. Documenting your work is a conscious effort and harder to stick to with aggressive deadlines and other "real" work looming. Anecdotally, humans don't seem skilled at describing or characterizing things. Our tools should help us be better. But they don't.

    Abstract especially, unlike git, has almost no support for more granular commits (e.g. commits to some symbols but not others, these artboards but not those 3, etc.) leading to nearly useless commits like "cleanup" or "WIP" or "changes."

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  • Posted to Sponsor: Abstract enables you to track the who, what, why, and when of every design decision., Jul 24, 2019

    There is rarely a "why" provided because good branch names and commit comments are a persistent challenge. Abstract does nothing to help this.

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  • Posted to Sketch for Teams beta is out now, Jul 24, 2019

    I'm very curious if version control will be flexible enough to replace Abstract. The amount of merge conflicts, lost changes, and general usability headache makes me rarely trust Abstract. I hope a native Sketch solution can do much better even if it does much less.

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  • Posted to Learn UI Interactions with Framer Playground, in reply to Meng To , Jun 13, 2019

    He may have been talking about the landing page. I too was really confused about the static headings presented as buttons—from Layout all the way to API Data. Surprising pattern.

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