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  • Posted to Sketch: in 2021 and beyond, in reply to Ryan Hicks , May 14, 2021

    This is my impression too. The web app is just a viewer for now—largely for navigating prototypes, leaving very basic comments, and inspecting.

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  • Posted to Sketch: How to get started with real-time collaboration, May 11, 2021

    The real-time collaboration limits seem to be:

    1. Sketch 70.6 or later
    2. Mac app only
    3. documents must live in Workspaces (aka Sketch Cloud)
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  • Posted to What is DevOps and its future predictions for 2021 and beyond?, Apr 26, 2021

    What bearing does this have on design?

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  • Posted to Introducing Arpona Sans, Mar 19, 2021

    Nice work. I appreciated the Open Type features section. On & Off states and the definitions are a friendly reminder of typography concepts :)

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  • Posted to Sketch vs Figma, Mar 02, 2021

    However, Sketch's latest versions already allow the user to edit symbols for elements within styles.

    What is this referring to? I thought overrides had been around for years?

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  • Posted to Stop Misusing Icon Cues on Menus, Mar 02, 2021

    This seems like just another opinion stated loudly with a link bait title. Even an anecdotal usability test with a handful of participants would go much further at establishing this argument than simply stating it as fact.

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  • Posted to Why NOBODY likes your Logo Design, Feb 13, 2021

    You don't mention it explicitly, but I dig how much of the customer experience shines through in how you present the logo. Well done.

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  • Posted to The Real Reason We Procrastinate and How to Stop, Jan 19, 2021

    I like the perspective of procrastination as an issue of regulating emotions, not managing time. What Motivates Getting Things Done by Mary Lamia goes into much more depth on this

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  • Posted to Fixing User Personas, Jan 05, 2021

    Good overview. I'm a fan of labeling assumption-driven personas as "provisional personas" and elaborating on that up front, in case more research isn't done to back things up.

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  • Posted to Why “Remember Me” on Logins Should Be the Default, Dec 17, 2020

    I strongly resist this approach. Why make it harder for public computer users to practice better security? This would force them to tick a "Log me out after my session" checkbox that's presumably unchecked by default. This is punishing them for the minor inconvenience of checking "Remember me" on personal computers. So the new default is personal computer users have a minor inconvenience removed while public computer users get less security. Forgetting to check an authentication option shouldn't leave you more exposed, it should just ask you to authenticate again. That's exactly why "Remember me" isn't the default; usability shouldn't compromise security.

    And if we assume casual users are confused by "remember me," do we really think "after my session" is an improvement? What's a session? When is after? Who decides one ends?

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