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  • Posted to Creating Design Specs?, in reply to Paul Nevin , Mar 18, 2019

    Do they? I only see free trial.

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  • Posted to Absurd Design, in reply to Oliver Swig , Mar 11, 2019

    Sure, but not every designer is a pro. Amateur designers can use resources like this very easily which drives more experienced people to create new things.

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  • Posted to Absurd Design, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Mar 11, 2019

    Trends are trends. If that happens then so be it, the design community will move on to the next trend and another site like this will pop up. I kind of like when this happens as it keeps designers moving onto the "next shiny thing" which IMO helps things from getting stagnant.

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  • Posted to Haiku is now Animator, in reply to Zack Brown , Mar 11, 2019

    Any way to export vanilla CSS/JS/SVG animation code?

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  • Posted to Confidence As A Designer: How To Build It, in reply to George Brown , Mar 06, 2019

    Where did the author say that in his post? And why not anyway? I see what you're saying but everyone can have a valid opinion about "UX", especially if they're a user of the product. They can at least explain their pain points and a designer can work to address them.

    I love when my team chimes in on something that doesn't work right. An outside perspective is super beneficial a lot of the time.

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  • Posted to Consider (a new email client in development), in reply to Matt K , Mar 06, 2019

    If you want to pay for a nice frontend app for gmail, there's boxysuite for $7 a month

    I ended up canceling, but it actually was pretty nice to use.

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  • Posted to Zest Icons, Feb 25, 2019

    Nice set, but don't you think $99 is a little steep? There's so many icon libraries out there for free or much cheaper. Why would I drop a C-note on this? No offense meant here at all, I'm all for charging for your work, but that's a lot of dough for an icon set.

    If I were you I'd try a monthly fee instead of a one time, or at least drop the total price considerably. The "lifetime updates" does nothing for me since I dont have assurance that the library will be updated continually.

    Best of luck! Again, great work.

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  • Posted to Unreadit: the best of Reddit in your inbox, every week, in reply to George Brown , Feb 22, 2019

    Plus I look at Reddit every 5 minutes so I doubt I'm missing anything. Damnit, I should get to work.

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  • Posted to Material Kit - Free and Open Source UI Kit for Bootstrap 4, React, Vue.js, React Native, Feb 22, 2019

    Looks nice, but my eyes hurt trying to read your site. Try increasing the font size and text contrast. The text is also too thin on my Thunderbolt Display (but looks good on my 4K, assuming that's what you used when you designed the site).

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  • Posted to Saw this nifty little loading animation - How was this made? , Feb 22, 2019

    Like Jordan mentioned, Webflow. View the source of the page and you can see that they used WF.

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